How about an Accomplishment/Achievement Section - Category


I think that having a section/category devoted to different accomplishments tasks achieved would be a very good idea.
A place where people can share what they did for the day, like taking a walk, showering, going to the store, doing chores, playing or listening to music, losing weight, anything at all. It could help motivate people in to do doing more things and achieving more. Just an idea


I think this is a super idea. I hope your suggestion gets an honest, fair analysis.


Ich auch!! das ist gut!


Isn’t that what the recovery section is for?


I was being specific - having a section exclusively for tasks completed. The Recovery section is more broad


I am glad that you agree :smiley:


I strongly agree. Great idea I hope people in charge would give it a try


One thought that I had was perhaps not to put something in the forums, but on the main site. Maybe a bio section of those who are recovered enough they are living independently, or working, etc. It could feature short success stories about people and maybe samples of writing, art, etc.

We always hear about the same famous people over and over, but the less famous day-to-day success stories slip through the cracks.



i think that’s a brilliant idea, wave.


I think this should be a thing. I am usually doing well and have only good things to report, with the whole weightlifting thing and more importantly academics. I mean to show that you can still have dreams and make them become reality, that is what I am all about. I understand that the right life for me is not the right life for everyone, this illness is all about finding the right life. The most important thing is that there is life after schizophrenia- even during episodes, life can still be otherwise good.

I hope this becomes a section on here, that would be great to exhibit what progress people are making. It would inspire some.

I often get bored and jump in threads on here that are not exactly positive just to blow off steam. I do in fact do very well and would say that I am gifted to an extent in that I am not only quite bright but also motivated and have mileage to back up what I say. I think it would be appropriate for there to be a section dedicated to posting about achievements, I tend to post my achievements when something remarkable happens. But just ignore my bench press, I have long arms. I remember posting videos of my personal records and feeling ashamed of 225x5 with a double board while I was squatting to depth really heavy and deadlifting heavy as hell. These days I work on my physique, not power lifts.

But yeah, I just posted about getting offered to write a major journal article, that is sort of beyond the recovery section and more of simply an achievement. Recovery is about steps towards recovery, not simply being recovered. I often have bad moments or a nightmare day and bitch about it on here. That needs to stop. Nightmare days and straight A’s, nothing to complain about in reality, all of my problems are in my head.

And I found out why I was vomiting several times a day- I drink and eat acidic foods, my mom did some research and found that milk in my coffee keeps me from throwing it up, for example. Protein bars are not easy on the stomach, neither is a double serving of black coffee.

I really hope there is an achievement section created- whether it’s taking care of yourself or whatever, I think that it would be of service to others to share accomplishments in that they are inspiring to some and are proof that we can all do what we decide to do.


I think that having a category with things people have accomplished - small things and big things, would attract a lot of positive energy. It would be a very good place to get motivated! :smiley:


I agree. It’s not like the Recovery section is overflowing with posts.


He speaks truth.



I love this idea.