I like the Ranking from the old forums

I find out that this week I am ranked NO.12
All time I am NO.27 :smile:


@SurprisedJ is No.1

It’s not really a competition. We all have worth and something worthwhile to say… Myself, just hoping I’m helping more than being a nuisance. Which can be a fine line some days with me.


haha,i agree,i used this forum to pass time and be social because I had problem posting my feelings on facebook

Hope I don’t send the wrong message of how I use this forum…

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1,2,3,4… fif. :sunglasses:

errrrrr… 6th

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That’s a bit embarrassing… I’ve had a few days off due to schedule change…

I’ve been wondering where the time went…

Now I know…


i love this site :heart_eyes:
but i’ll be honest, i don’t really want to be here…lol. :smile:
i appreciate everyone on here…but it was not my dream to be sz !?! :imp:
take care :alien:


Hello,hope your as active in real life as you are on this forum…

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