Can two schizophrenics hear the same hallucination if they were together?

Or is it unique to each individual?

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we don’t have blue tooth or wifi in our heads and if we have them we don’t have file transfer app in our head so nope it doesn’t happen


Could be a way to prove electronic telepathy wrong.

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human created telepathy is true if you do it there is no natural telepathy in humans, we didn’e evolve with that ability but we the ability to use device transplant telepathy

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I know there are several machines and stuff but I still see no evidence for machines that can read every thought a person thinks. If it were true simply ask a friend if he hears what you hear. If he says yes it is proven, or else he could be lying about it. But if he says no, then it would not prove the telepathy. I’ve never heard of two people hearing the same electronic telepathy message…

I dated a person with some serious mental illness… we never did agree on what we were seeing.


You are absolutely correct. We have a World of our own. It’s like we speak different languages and stay together while failing to know the language but understanding to stick to each other

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Ever ask her/him if he/she heard what you were hearing? Or vice versa?

Yes… and I would tell them what I was going through… they had a much different mind set… They were very religious and would have a lot of hearing God and hearing angles… hearing the devil.

I do not have very much religion in my life… I would hear people… and I would hear fire… loud bangs…


That’s interesting, thanks. Looking to hear from others about this. :slight_smile:

I still hear people. It’s crazy. Anyone I live around, it will sound like them. :slight_smile:

My brain would do that too… I would hear neighbors… and extended family all the time…

Even now… if I have a stressful time with family… I can hear them all over again when I’m at home trying to sleep… it keeps me up at night sometimes.


I must say smart drugs like noopept upgrade your brain. I got my brain upgraded after using noopept.

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Gosh I have that too.

I know it doesn’t come from family though, theyve pretty much convinced me at this point that it’s not them. I’ve gotten in arguments with them about it. Hehe

People can have group hallucinations yes. They can all hear and see the same things at times.

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Hey yo, hook us all up one day and show us all a voice and a visual. All seven billion of us. Pleasant of course, nothing scary.


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That may prove v2k if what your saying is true. I heard v2k can be used as a weapon, hurting people. And you say you’ve experienced that. I too before, slaps to my head. And I heard the voice say, “were hittin’ you” it was so messed up. But I’m not worried about v2k so much even though I write about it sometimes.

Human beings are now getting into it.

But there are the others who have always been able.

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The loud bangs thing is unexplainable to me. I used to hear explosions though. Not as loud, but explosions. From cars. And I could control them.