Shared psychotic experiences?

Has anyone had a shared psychotic experiences, or had their delusions manifest in an other?

When I first became unwell the voices where going on about where my brothers work used to be based and he randomly said the place name at the right time (out of the blue)!

Also later when I was in hospital, I used to get others delusions triggering mine.

Before I became unwell I was finishing someones conversation off. It made them feel uneasy.

Is this some sort of passive state, delusion or part of schizophrenia we don’t understand yet?

Folie à deux, madness of two.

That’s a winery in Napa!

I met another Jesus in the hospital. I wish he was Jesus he was the man!


I have yet to meet anyone who has a delusion anywhere close to mine. I have heard of others (I asked on this site) who had Truman show type delusions and still others who have felt they have equipment in their body but I have yet to meet anyone who feels they are part of a Truman show brain study with monitoring equipment in their body. I wouldn’t feel so alone. I am waiting for my delusion to go away. It’s very distracting from life and the paranoia that goes along with it is very painful too.

Yes, vagrant guy in his prob late 50’s
Aggressive… dirty…
In hospital
I was 30…
He pointed at everyone
When he started pointing at me it was love

We hung out together for a few days till he was transferred to a locked unit

We both thought we were married to each other

The voices told me I had machines in my brain and they could see out my eyes and that I was on a show they were recording and broadcasting. In the very beginning a woman was in my mind telling me they were studying my brain. The difference is that they would also often lie to me and laugh about it. So I don’t believe them.

The voices enjoy lying. Whatever they are, we are not going to know. Because they lie. My guess is they are spiritual tricksters by nature, but that’s just what I say to myself in the meanwhile because there is no way of knowing.

2 friends have heard the voices I hear in my house, driving one of them up the roof via the lemon tree, the other, spent the night on the bathroom floor under a blanket, and ran as soon as the sun came up.

They used to tell me there are “rules” and that they get punished if they break them.

A example being if they liked me too much that they would be replaced with ones that imitated them to destroy our “relationship”! Or would be stopped from talking to me for a period of time.

Instead they let me realise that they could guide me in the background, but not talk to me! Those ones I think of as my guardian angles. But they don’t have names I just know that they have always been there and they won’t really let me talk to them.

Others do talk to me but in broken sentences or a few words but that’s it, my brain makes up the rest!

Mine would cycle out as well, but I never heard rules such as that. And I hate it when they would start a sentence and let my mind finish it. They would do that to me a lot.

My voices also tell me I have equipment in my brain and body to monitor me and that I am in a brain study. That is interesting that you thought they could see out your eyes and were recording you because that’s exactly what I think. You’re the first person I know of that has had a brain study delusion. I feel my ‘audience’ is there all the time. Sometimes just the brain researchers are watching and, sometimes, the world audience. It’s very hard to deal with. I understand sometimes it takes a long time for delusions to go away

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I frequently wonder if I have cameras in or behind my eyes/cochlear implants in my ears.

I also think I have implants in my ears (on the inside) so they can talk to my subconscious without me hearing them and so they can hear everything I hear. They manage the cameras in my eyes, the implants in my ears and record everything I do via satellite. I am, essentially, constantly monitored and remote controlled

Cochlear implants. They stimulate the auditory nerve directly. Not to say that either of us truly have them in us, but the technology does exist.

Hmm? So I wouldn’t hear anything audibly? I feel they can hypnotize me and control my behavior by communicating directly with my subconscious and bypassing my hearing and my conscious brain although they can , if they want, say things that I can hear in my head

I wish I couldn’t relate.

Do you have a medical background or did you just look up cochlear implants? Also, where would they put a camera in the eye? I am certain the technology exists. It is a matter of probability not possibility. I also have equipment in my body to monitor my physiological responses to events. The brain/body monitoring and the communication all takes place via satellite. I too, wish I didn’t have this delusion.

They’re to allow deaf people to hear. They would not produce the effect you’re describing, @47average.

Folks, please remember that this section exists to help people overcome their delusions, not to encourage delusions.


@47average it’s really important to stress that I don’t believe them. As I said, the voices lie. I would have to say I don’t share your delusion, I think the voices just stress it with you because it is something you could believe. After I didn’t believe my voices, they also kept telling me I was psychic, because with my spiritual background that is something I would believe. Don’t let the voices manipulate you.

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I’m sure you’re right since the voices come from my own brain. I struggle with it everyday but manage to function. Thanks

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