Thinking you hear other people's thoughts

I often think I’m psychic and I can hear other people’s thoughts. I don’t think I can do it on purpose - I see it as more like a radar for when other people are thinking about something about me or related to me. This particular belief is the one I have the hardest time doubting, even though I have a testimony that shows that what I think I’m hearing isn’t real (I asked someone one time if she had mentioned an article that I sent her to some coworkers, because I thought I was hearing their thoughts about it, but she said she hadn’t even read the article yet). Anyone else have this kind of belief? What do you do about it?

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I was hearing people’s prayers

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I had the same thought; that I was hearing peoples’ thoughts and that they were hearing mine.
I believe this is a false belief or delusion.

There is no scientific proof that telepathy, or psychic exchanges exist.

That is not saying there is the rarity, where it could be possible.

After reviewing the facts, it is more probable that the mind is talking to you and you talking to it.

I used to have this problem

They still crop up sometimes, but I just ignore it

Gone are the days I entertain such beliefs.

I tried to convince others of this, but nobody bought it

For a long time I thought it was one grand conspiracy

It’s kinda like the secret way extroverts and normal people just know how to be social - I assumed mind reading was the norm, and to admit you didn’t know would have been embarrassing


The weird thing is some people really can read minds. I won’t go into detail here, but for those who are not schizophrenic it happens in a very clear and sane state of mind. The schizophrenic mind is cloudy, dark, disorganized, and unclear. No real psychic messages would get through. The problem is we have forgotten what having a clear mind is actually like. It’s very unfortunate.

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O yes, i thought i can hear peoples thoughts too but start realize its just my illness. Its just a delusion in the brain.

I have something very similar. It’s very irrational. I think people on tv and on the internet are intimating thoughts towards me. I’ll be looking at a clip that is three months old, and I’ll be thinking that. There is no way someone who made a clip three months old could be intimating thoughts to me in the present, but that is what I think. I have actually had auditory hallucinations before. I’ll hear someone three or four blocks away talking to me. I know it can’t be true, but I still think it.

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I hate telepathy. If I could read a person’s mind I wouldn’t. I think your mind is sacred and no one can enter it without your permission.

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I used to hear other’s prayers when I was off meds. I thought I was dead.


you mean thought broadcasting? it is another part of sz.

me too.


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I’ve had this belief.
I thought the next door neighbor was spying on me.

I lost my home because I had this belief as part of my schizophrenia.

The belief can be dangerous to yourself and others.

Try and talk about this belief with a mental health professional, before it goes too far.

I don’t know why this belief comes with schizophrenia, but I try and maintain that it’s not the neighbors and no one is out in the neighborhood, to push thoughts into your head nor hear your thoughts.

The delusion that someone close by is talking to you or about you, even to me 10 years later, comes to the surface often.

For information, I didn’t confront my neighbor or other neighbors in the neighborhood.

This delusion may not go away.

I suggest trying to keep the state of mind that no one is out to trick you or mess with you.

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