Can they force me to take clozaril

Hi im a new here, basically i take respirdal/respirdone 2 mg every night however i currently going through an episode at the moment and im worried during my next psychiatrist appointment he will say to go on clozaril because the respridone is not working but ive heard many bad things about clozril and also my dad who is a schizophrenic and his girlfriend who is a psychiatric nurse both say it makes people die early so i dont want to go on it but im wondering can they force me to take it if i refuse?

It doesn’t make people die early. That’s misinformation.

They can’t make you take it unless you get involuntarily hospitalised.

dam i hope i dont get hospitalised

Even then they might not put you on it.

It’s only if all else fails. But a lot of researchers are saying it’s a good idea to try it sooner rather than later ( rather than as a last resort.)

Don’t be afraid of it. It’s a good safe med so long as you get blood tests.

Talk to your psychiatrist about it. Don’t listen to a nurse.

Anyway it sounds like you have more meds to try first.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Thanks for the advice and the welcome

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It depends on your country laws. Here in Brazil, you can’t refuse medication and you’re obliged to get involuntary hospitalized (unfortunately). I heard there are some states in the USA where you can refuse forced psychiatric treatment. You may want to study the laws of your country. You may alsobwant to seek help of human rights organizations you trust.

But you have choice: Clorazil isn’t just the unique option. There are many other antipsychotics out there.

Here in Oklahoma if you want to contest a psychiatric commitment you have the right to a trial with a jury of six people. I’ve gone that route a few times, and it didn’t work. Of course, I only had a single day to prepare for the trial.

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I think it is unlikely they would force you, since you would have to have weekly blood tests to continue on the med, and it’s not available as an injectable as far as i know.

However, you really might want to consider it. There’ve been studies that as many as 90% of people have results from clozapine if they try it within the first 2 years. Those numbers go down if you wait longer though. It might be protecting the brain or preventing some further decline at that stage.

I think this is the med that Elyn Saks is on.

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Similar approach should be allowed here in Brazil.

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