Can the illness burn itself out when you get older?

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on this, from a personal viewpoint i am much better at 46 than i was at 20, thoughts?

No evidence or proof but I believe it might. Bipolar tends to, anyway.

Ah, just saw another post with this question, remove if you want?

i’m doing better because of the meds… so it’s hard to say if i got better when getting older…

Not so far. I’m having a very stressful week (sending a @#$% you to my in-laws) and positive symptoms abound. I’m doing better, sure. Part of it is that I think the illness fades a bit with age, but also that I’m better at managing it with better meds.Will I be free of it? Can’t see it.

I believe I’ve read one or two articles citing cases of symptom severity reduction associated with advanced age. But I wouldn’t swear by it.

My bipolar symptoms have faded out for the most part.
I don’t know about pure schizophrenia but it seems like it can fade out as well.

Meds are usually a permanent treatment.

Wisdom of ages, more psyche tools, better foundations, no raging hormones.

I believe I’ll be better at 50, than I was at 20.

Positive symptoms very much so. However I’m someone with low drive and ambition who since being on depot is rather emotionally flat.Some days I’ll think other people are dumb as can be and some days I’ll think I am , but that’s not a constant thing.