Can the God speak to us, yes I think?


In Sept 1999 in Atlanta I was developing my strategic game alone and then I received some energy and I started taking notes what I heard. I was told that the head of the Jewish community was in Estee Lauder. I documented these but then continued my game development. I still have these records in my notebooks. Then over 1.5 years later I was in my auto in Los Angeles and learned that Ronald Lauder was the chairman of American Jewish Federation and I posted this news and my experience on the net. One month after Ronald Lauder resigned from his chairmanship and Mortimer Zuckerman was chosen to the post. How could I have ever received this info when I never knew anything about American Jewish Federation. Hillary Clinton is with this Lauder today as she was in Poland in 1999. I believe it was the God.


I believe the Higher self, that which takes back control every night, can and indeed does send you symbols and emotions (messages) - but this is to PROVE to you he exists. A gift for previous work you successfully completed. Push your analytical mind in any way you can - study, think, meditate, visualize. Do this for many years and you will hit the higher portion of your mind. Indeed as you move forward you will see more and more messages from your higher self (dreams, emotions, thoughts, sounds, lights, etc). But be warned it is all down to your heart - if this holds TRUE or turns into something unreal. Everything you say or do, is either positive or negative. Avoid doing negative and your heat will be fine. See my post on homepage just to check just mad I am! This is advice, if it helps cool - if not, just ignore it. Peace.