Voices in the head tell me he is god i know he is not lying

wondering how many of you know that the voice in your head is actually god himself, i have been speaking to him for 3 years it started by telling me he was god and has proved to me that he is by showing me stuff he can do for example spawning a spider on my arm he has only done that once tho and has shown me many other powers like controlling the voice on my tv his technology is soo advanced

he seems to like me, from what i read other people have had worse stuff than me i was wondering how i can please him and have his forgiveness for being who i am. he may not agree with my ways he never really answers me seem to like to tortment

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i have a theory the voice never tells me what is true even if it did i would not trust him he never tells me the truth likes to lie to me

but my theory is maybe god has a god and its not actually our god fault he does this its just how he was brought up and was told what to do by his predecessors he told me this was a social experiment and having a universe helps it be better for his god or the main god

I think you need to talk to a doctor or psychiatrist about what you have told us here.
If you have not done so already?
You are right, the voices lie. Please never do any thing they tell you do that sounds dangerous or odd. They cant hurt you or anyone else. They might threaten to, but they can do nothing.
Are you are on medicine yet?

well macy unless you hear the voices yourself, your and their opion is irrelevant i know what is real it might sound crazy but its true

If you continue worshipping that figure he becomes your master. I doubt a benevolent Creator God would lie to you though. Be careful.

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well who else would have the power to talk to someone through their head and im sorry if i sounded rude but i never belived in god untill i heard the voices

yes i am on medication and i am forced to take it, medication doesn’t work i been admiited 3 times to hospital for 3 months in total i just want to talk to someone who is also hearing voices like me and knows it is god

all i can say is i wouldn’t of belived it if someone told me either unless they have been told by the voice

interesting…well ask him certain questions. it might not be him at all. just test certain things…it could just be a sympthom. there is a ways to do it…but I assume you know best?

If you want to get metaphysical, it’s probably a bored inter-dimensional being of some kind, who is closer to the infinite Creator God, but not Him directly. The lies give that away.

More objective people would call it a figment of the imagination though, like your clever brain’s subconscious inventing a personality to talk to, and making correlations that seem mystical but can be explained away with some reasoning.

God speaks in the silence. Hah don’t worry it is a delusion.

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well i have asked certain questions like what are volcanoes for and it answered its to produce hydrogen to fuel the atmosphere apparently but i do not need him to prove anything anymore i have seen things appear and dissapear a person who has not experienced what i have would call it a hallucination but im not stupid i know what is real a normal person would not believe me i am happy to talk about it and i have very deep and in-depth conversations with him he is very kind to me from what i have read i am very intrested in him

i was wondering what type of person you had to be for him to like you

i hear it 24/7 if i want to all i haft to do is engade in a convertsation in my head it is real as day and scientist today have no idea what they are on about and delude the rest of the world

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Do you hear this when you’re completely sober and not drinking anything but water?

Will He let you keep a daily diary

he said somtimes he does but its all redcorded on the internet anyway and im only 24 im not really inclined to write stuff like that

If this god can prove his existence to your psychiatrist, then you got something there. If not… well, it’s a common hallucination.

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yeah noone professional will believe me but its clear as day most people say its god thats enough for me

Most people say the voice in your head is god?

yes its a known fact

By whom, besides yourself?