Hi @Chess24 need your help today

Feeling really I’ll when I see intrusive thoughts. I’m suffering a lot. I can’t handle them. I will try some more positive affirmations like I’m a good person, I’m beautiful, I’m normal , I’m sane. I feel like someone is putting images in my mind, I feel you are very strong religiously, I wonder if that helps with your intrusive thoughts. My thoughts make me suffer I can’t cope. Hope you live a long life.
Take care🕊

I am desperately trying to resist brainwashing and trying to become a single, ultra orthodox Jew.
It is a big , big struggle.
My fate and the fate of many other Jews in on the line.
I am trying desperately to fight not to lose the thing that is most dear to me in life,
which is Jewish religion and the holy Torah.

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I think you are very strong person Chess, it must be difficult to adhear to the Torah and be a good, faithful Jew. I want to be a serene and caring, loving person.

@Chess24, We don’t allow religious discussions on this site. This for a couple of reasons. First, it tends to cause arguments, because for some reason people can’t seem to just respect each other’s different religious beliefs. Second, many folks suffer from religious delusions. It is one of the top three topics of delusion, alongside aliens and government conspiracies. We don’t allow discussions on those topics, either. Third, there are many members here who were subjected to exorcisms by family members who, sadly, did not understand their illness. Those memories can be very traumatic for those individuals, and they don’t need to be reminded of them.

I hope you can understand, and help keep this a safe place for everyone. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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