Can sz make you a bad person?

I think it does especially off meds. I hurt ppl family and strangers when I was psychotic.

Some would argue that its the illness but not everyone I hurt see it that way. Some took it personal and stopped talking to me like my best childhood friend that I had from 10y.o. to 26y.o.

I get mad at people for bugging my phone.

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I have had people stop talking to me because of stuff I said and did years ago whole very symptomatic. Some people just don’t care that you’re sick.


I think it can… it’s possible.

It’s like a daily fight to not let it though.

For me


I wish I had never been psychotic. I wish I didnt have this illness and the madness was gone from me; I dont want to deal with it anymore…I want to be fully whole without needing a chemical or substance. If there was a God I would pray for relief, but he would tell me schizophrenia is an illusion. So that didnt help me because how can I be cured from an illusion?

Schizophrenia is not an illusion.

It’s real.


they dont even know what causes it. and its very loosely defined.

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I mean I don’t think so, but SZ is scary, and fear is one of the biggest triggers for the fight or flight reflex that surely results in lots of harm to schizophrenics, probably most likely to themselves though. I nearly killed myself SO many times when I was psychotic, but never raised a hand to anyone else.


Well yeah… but neurons in brains are interesting.

The sensory system in the brain is so complex. And even the slightest changes in its activity are responsible in the way we perceive things.

Im not too surprised if these are somehow influenced into hearing things and seeing things

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Antipsychotics fix it for most. Biggest theory is dopamine. I get psychosis whenever I take things that boost dopamine like supplements. Antipsychotics block dopamine. I also read that serotonin can affect dopamine. Reality is more complicated but one thing for sure is that antipsychotics fix positive symptoms for most ppl.

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thats what confuses me. The only medication that works for me is Abilify and doesnt it increase dopamine? Its called a dopamine agonist/meaning it increases it?

Literally nothing else works!

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My mom has genuine schizophrenia and they are trying Abilify on her but I dont know that its working. Im really hopeful it does but so far haldol is what worked for her. I dont know that I have schizophrenia or maybe Im on a milder spectrum. I feel like she needs an anti-psychotic to bring her out of her delusions. You can tell she has schizophrenia, she is saying she’s the queen of england and her speech patterns and everything has changed…and she thinks she owns pepsi.

Me, I’m completely different…I just dont know if maybe its transference or I am more capable of handling the illness because I have tried really hard to overcome it.

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Its not an agonist, its a partial agonist meaning it blocks dopamine when its high and boosts dopamine when its low. Its supposed to be better for negative symptoms and it did for me but I find that it still blocks dopamine more than it boosts it as off meds my negative symptoms were better.

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Hope they find the best med for your mom. For how long she had sz? Recently?

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oh ok. I see then that makes more sense. I wonder how it does that…

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I don’t know about that but I guess its just the way it binds to brain receptors.

thanks Aziz. She’s had schizophrenia probably since she was in her twenties. But lived most of her life unmedicated until the past ten years. She was doing well for the past six years on Haldol until the insurance pressure and her fear of side effects made her stop taking it. Its been a few months and she’s become very confused so my dad was able to get her into a hospital he says is a really good one. I have talked to her a few times… she has been in the hospital for a few days and I really hope they find a medication that works.

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Bad behavior isn’t exclusive to ill people. Sociopaths aren’t mentally ill


Hmm. . .

Such A Strange Scenario.

On One Side, There’s Drink. There’s Food.

On The Other. There’s Pills. There’s Injections.

On One End. There’s No Spirituality.

On The Other. There Is.

Push And Pull. Push And Pull. Push And Pull.

Where Is The Rest?. The Comfort?. The Relaxation?.

One Could Say, A Light Peaceful Shower Of Rain. So Water. Drink. The Cycle Of Cleanliness.

One Could Say, A Butterfly. The Light Blink of Soft Wing’s In The Breeze.

We Drink Water. And Lord Knows, We Don’t Eat Those Butterfly Thing’s.

So Why Chemicals?. Why Intake Of Pills?. What’s The Problem?. Something Unbalanced?.

I Felt Fine When I Was 5 years Olde Watching Sesame St. Unless I Was Told To Eat Green Beans.

Then There Was A Problem.

Although I Wanted That Damn Chocolate Brownie.

Told To Eat One Thing. And Would Get The Good One Thing. if I Did What I Was Told.

So, I Denied That Request.

And Got PUNISHED For It.

Odd. . .

What Is The Meaning Of What?.

Weird Question.

What Means What Right?. The Word What Means What.

What Does That Mean?.

Is It Okay To Ask Questions?.

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