Can sleep a lot make worse scz?

i sleep a lot. 12 hours in the night, one hour afternoon… can this make worse the psychosis because i am not enough active?

What time u go to bed?
What time u wake up
Do u set an alarm

I think getting the body moving is important, it gets the blood pumping throughout your body and to the brain

I find the opposite is true. If I don’t sleep a lot everything starts going sideways

They say sleep is good for repair of the brain

I also sleep and rest a lot. I find that the less stress I have the better I’m doing. I’d say get as much rest as possible but do try to also get a bit of exercise.

I find a balance is needed and sticking to a routine

It’s better than sleeping less than 7 hours a day. Sleeping a lot can increase depression and is a sign in my case.

yes, i guess it s worse for the depression… shellys,i am sleeping till 12 in thenight to 12 in the morning :slight_smile: