Why does sleep help so much?

i was in a bad way last night and i had to phone crisis team but now after a full nights sleep i am totally rejuvinated

how does that happen? how can a good nights sleep help so much?

i believe it is a spiritual thing that happens while we sleep.

i dont know but every morning i have to struggle again for a piece of mind etc…i sleep a lot otherwise- 12 h per day… :slight_smile:

i guess not everyone gets this healing from the dream world then

yeah… a lot of sleep is sign of depression and anxiety. my dad was sleeping all the weekend when he was alive an working… and i think he had a psy problems, he had three hospitalisations.

you miss a lot if you sleep to much though, i get about 7/8 hours a night which is healthy i think, i wouldnt like sleeping any longer bc i would hate wasting all of that time.

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yeah i know but i am diagnosed with three troubles - paranoid,depression and anxiety. neither of them doesnt help me to stay awake in this life…i ve strongly herited my father i think but i struggle now as i can.

would be a bummer if you had narcolepsy as well :confused:

yeah thats right :D… i should make efforts to sleep less,i know but i am waiting a little bit of meds to kick…the paranoia is the worst i find… it will be a brand new me if i sleep less, ive always slept like this,even like baby…

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maybe have a small chat with your p/doc about it, if there is something you are not happy about you should always tell your p/doc xxx

I am in the same boat. I’m 39 and I’ve needed 12 hours sleep since I was 20 or so. Its a bit of a necessary evil unfortunately but I get hectic if I don’t sleep

Many sz sleep off the pain. Its better than suffering in my view

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how much sleep does it take though?

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For me 12 hours. I don’t havta justify according to another’s sleep needs.

thats good, i was just wondering if you need that much time

like for me, i have had a nap and woke up feeling so much better and that might have just been a couple of hours or less, but i guess its impossible to tell what the effects of sleep have on our mental acuity or for how long the effects may last,

everyone is different so i think it is a flexible thing, and then you throw meds into the mix and its like :confused: must be so hard trying to measure how much sleep you may or may not need.

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Yea. Most people don’t understand over sleep. Like you said tho there are different factors. Hey koala bears sleep most of the day Ya know. Its not abusive so I live with it. If in the future I am better at sleeping less I’d be glad but I’ve struggled for years and I need to be kind to myself.

not saying not to sleep, we all need our sleep, i was just asking in a way

how much sleep do we really need? in order to feel at our best

and what happens when we sleep? how does it work and where does the healing come from? has to come from somewhere, i dont believe it is just us, healing ourselves, there must be more to it than just that.

9 hours probably is a good sleep. i am asking myself also what happens if we oversleep? does it make the brain ‘‘lazy’’? i think that probably yes… i dont know why the sleep is healing :confused:

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you may be right with that,

maybe too much sleep can be not so good for us :confused:

I find sleep tight be a great healer. I use it like an as required med - if stress gets too high I just go to sleep.

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I believe we are physically and mentally rejuvenated by design. There is surely an intelligent spirit that designed sleep

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