Mood brighter for skipping sleep

Does anyone find this although it is not something you can physically do for a string of days? Conversely taking to bed a lot can solidify an already depressive state.

Lack of sleep can induce psychosis in normal people. It usually does the trick to trigger people with schizophrenia very well. I would seek treatment for depression or bipolar or whatever made you say this

I don’t go without sleep long enough to trigger a psychotic reaction. I just feel brighter for a day without sleep.

Yeah lack of sleep will make me hypomanic

Sleeping too much or too little is bad for any people

I think for adults,8-9 hours of sleep would be sufficient everyday

I used to feel that. With hallucinations though any layer of fatigue or that strange kind of feeling that long periods without sleep brings on I can’t do that any more. I sleep as much as I can. Sometimes it’s a lot of sleep sometimes it’s just a few hours.

I can get hypomanic or my moods can get destabilized if I get like 4 hours of sleep or less

Yes… I do believe this… I felt useless when I stayed in bed all the time… then I found it was so hard to get away from bed… it was my go to comfort when I didn’t drink or do drugs… but needed something… some where to hide.

then I would be angry with myself and upset for letting the day slip away… more depressed.

I hope you find a balance.

Skipping sleep makes me unstable. That’s why I do so little night photography now. I pay for it later.


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My diagnosis proper is schizoaffective disorder - an overused, in-between diagnosis, mostly schizophrenia, but partly bipolar disorder. When I’m working on a music project, I can go upwards of 72 hours without sleep because the longer I stay awake and work, the more energy I get until I’m ready to collapse. It’s like a dangerous drug. I haven’t done that in about six months.

I sadly have to admit… I do enjoy the euphoric energy surge from a manic hit… but crash takes longer and longer to get up form… my doc put me on Depakote…