Can schizophrenics work full time?

a call center in my local area is hiring. It pays well. I’m not the greatest with voices all around me and it’s not like my dream job at all.

i’m not going to apply just yet. But i’m sure they are always are hiring. I’m thinking maybe closer to summer but we will see. my doctor doesn’t want me too. Honestly i don’t think he would advise anyone with schizoprenia to go off disability. he said he’s seen very few success cases. I don’t think it’s me in particular.

Any thoughts on this? i’ve been hallucination free for 4 years and 3 months now. this would be added stress though. but even if i could do it for 4 years that would be money in the bank i could save. i just want to get ahead and be independent as i can be.


A friend I got to know in the hospital is working full time all these years. We maintain contact and both of us do not have symptoms anymore. Also, my nurse told me she had a case who received training and changed the profession and got promoted on the job, which is a full time.

I plan to work full time. My schedule is close to that of a full time over the past two weeks and it will remain so in the coming weeks. I find I could step up the demands I put on myself. But I would be choosy. I would only go for something under 50 hours a week. And it has to be something I feel comfortable with. Not anything physically demanding.


I work pretty much full time. My schedule is flex and in summer I can end up with a 10 hour day while in winter I can end up with a 4 or 6. But yes, it works out to about 37-40 hours a week.

That being said, I’m still not around people very often and I’m out in the field. But it works for me.


I’m a full time student. I have to take honors classes because my scholarship requires it, and I do rather hate going to non-psychology classes, they just feel like pains in the ass (french literature and elementary logic are not fun) but I feel so happy to be in a psych class, learning about the mind and more about myself. School doesnt take all that much time, I have classes monday through thursday and then homework and of course studying on the three-day weekends.

College students work like bees for like three months, then have absolutely nothing to do during summer and winter breaks. It’s sort of stupid, I get so bored and vegetate all day after going to the gym on breaks, and then when school is in session, I’m hard on myself and feel like crap if I dont make a 95 or above.

I wish I wasn’t in school sort of. I don’t like the ups and downs, the cramming for exams and rushing to write papers followed by months of playing xbox, watching anime and lifting weights. It’s just a really weird lifestyle, stressed out and then completely idle, cycling between the two.

But yes schizophrenics can and do work full time. It’s probably the best thing for us.


From the day I was diagnosed with sz I still worked full time for two years where after I went off on disability. Those two years was hell. I stood up in the mornings at 7 and reported for work at 8. I suffered through each day like a zombie. At 4pm I would go and get myself something to eat. . At 5 I’m at home and at 6 I was in bed. I was so weak and numb I could hardly stand up in the mornings. Then there was the negative symptoms. …no drive and motivation. I put in a bad effort to perform my duties. Then there was the social withdrawal. …everyday I have distant myself more and more from my work colleagues and friends. It drive me crazy. When I have completed a task I would just sit and do nothing. I had no initiative or motivation to start a new task. It was horrible. On weekends I slept right through until Monday mornings. I just couldn’t cope so I went off on disability. I can’t see myself doing a full time job. Stress will just amp up my negative symptoms. I do think about volunteering for a few hours per week because I reckon I could cope with that.

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I can’t work - satisfied to be on disability.

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Can schizophrenics work full time? The answer is sometimes. It depends on a number of factors. Here they are -
How bad and how frequent are they symptomatic with positive symptoms? Do they have negative symptoms and how bad are they? Do they suffer from anxiety or panic or agoraphobia? Does stress usually make their symptoms worse?
(yes is the usual answer to this one) Are they taking meds or-and seeing a therapist?
The bottom line is it depends on a bunch of things. I for one cannot work - I have, but it did me in.
But Yes we can work full time - stay positive


well be prepared, it causes a lot of anxieties, stress and triggers.
with all the backstabbing, stress, targets, and gossiping going around
you must be prepared for that.

yet i understand your drive,
go ahead with life, looking forward
plus the money benefits.
just be careful to just plunge in.

i somewhat have cooped, by taking my medicine during work hours.
zyprexa 20 mg around three o clock midday, thats when the stresses are too high for me…
and i somewhat collapse/the near edge while being fully pschychotic.

so please outweigh the cons vs the pro`s in your circumstance

James I think you have the best job. Truly.

All of you gave great responses. Thank you. I’m on my cell phone so I can’t comment to much. Thank you!

Has there ever be a job invented just for someone with schizophrenia to do? What field would it be in and how is it done? These things puzzal me ever day so I do odd jobs and find it works out on short time bases. I think they normals need to rethink schools before they test out the rest.

we are very good at getting paranoid.
so we could be very handy for an example: at customs at an airport.
yet no one would fly, we all be in custody

yet i dunno, it al depends on the individual and his/her history.

Be prepared for coworkers gossiping about you behind your back, giving you the evil eye, over monitoring your work all the time, report to the boss if they catch you doing something wrong.


I’ve heard some of the gossip stories. Stupidest stuff I’ve ever heard. I guess its to keep women’s guard up.

I work a 37.5 hour per week job in a hospital as an administrator. I had my first psychotic episode 4 years ago and I’ve been working for about 3.5 years since then. I have not had any issues, have been in remission for all that time.

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BakedBeans: i’m not going to tell anyone about my illness. so hopefully i won’t have that happen.

Ish: thanks glad to hear it. i work now too already part-time but it is without a lot of people and low stress.

In my situation the State Department Of Vocational Rehab or whatever it’s called made a point telling my employer. They claimed it was for safety reasons to protect other workers but I say BS on that one. If anyone on here wants to work stay away from Vocational Rehab. Better off too find emloyment on your own. IMO. :construction_worker:

Last time I worked 40 hours a week at a job where I worked around people, I ended up in the hospital. A year later I tried it again when I had two co workers and pretty much did my own thing and went bat crap crazy, more meds and since I had a program with a Dr and therapist on hand almost all the time I stayed out of psych ward. So can I? No. Have two friends that have sz too that I know from school and they can’t either. It all depends on what your triggers are