Can a schizophrenic work?

I don’t feel like I would be able to hold a job. I can’t even go to my current job (on medical leave). I’ve an interview invite and I’m going to reject it now.

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I think so if your properly medicated. I was psychotic at my job, I recently got fired from. The customers and hallucinating made me snap. I also don’t want to be a lazy zombie at work, so it’s a struggle for me to be balanced.

Had anxiety/panic attacks at work so it made it difficult to keep the two jobs that i got. Unfortunately i had to quit my current job.

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I work part time. I used to work 50 hour weeks while medicated. It helped me to have a busy schedule, because my symptoms are worst when I am alone.

But then I got a major concussion and now I can only work part time again.

Everyone is at a different level. I am lucky enough to respond well to a low dose of Geodon with minimal side effects. Not everyone has that. It is a broad spectrum.

I don’t plan on working ever again on Earth. There’s really nothing to be doing, just aimlessly working for no good cause? Yeah, it’s not on my plate of things. I have too many responsibilities trying to stabilize as is, and I don’t want to lose a guaranteed form of income through SSi.

Yeah I think so , I did it for a few months, it was a change of pace then it got too repetitive and from there it quickly reached a point of diminishing returns.

Yes, I worked as a manager for three months off meds. The only reason I quit was because I moved. I may not have sz though.

take care :alien:

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Moved to School and Work area.

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Just got home from a 13.5 hour long shift, so I’d say, “yes.”


I do occasional freelance floristry.
Wedding and funeral flowers.

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I have held a job for twenty years. If you stay on your medicine and it works for you, then you can definitely work.


haha odd combo i know.

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Yes, but there are some traits that one has to possess in order to maintain the job.:

  1. Patience
  2. Persistence
  3. Acceptance of criticism
  4. Acceptance that one no longer owns the world and has to be part of reality again.
  5. Friendly
  6. Responsive

Remember, you don’t have to be the employee of the year in order to maintain the job, only holding on to a job does not require that much of an effort, if you can smile then it is very possible.

It depends on the severity of your condition, especially the negative symptoms. A lot of people here seem to think that if they can do it, so can everyone else. Unfortunately that is not true. I’m probably far from the worst case on this forum though and I think I will be able to work at least one or two days a week. But first I need my own place. Living with my ex is too stressful.