Can schizophrenics have babies

Even though i dont want a baby since i am one of the worst countries in the world but i am a male not a female i wanted to ask if schizophrenic can have baby and will he be schizophrenic the baby?

I think the obvious answer to your question is,yes, sz can have a baby. I think the risk of child developing sz is 10% if one parent has sz.

Edit: Just going off memory I think I have seen some articles say it was more like 7 or 8 percent.

Yes you can have a baby.

The baby may or may not have schizophrenia.

The real question is do you want the baby to go through what you go through to handle the illness?

Stop ■■■■■■■ trolling

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Maybe if i earn a lot of money through my online business i will buy an appartment in greece and have a baby there

Well if your twig and berries still work then yep most certainly possible :grin:

I mean if i was in america living on disability i would of course had a baby but here in lebanon we dont have disability

Yes, schizophrenics can conceive.
However, not all schizophrenics should. Not just for the kids sake, but their own.

Are you homeless?

Of course mate here in lebanon they will kill my baby i prefer not having a child unless my online business succeed.

My grandfather built a building 1.5 kilometers away from the port after the explosion only glass was destroyed we rebuilt it also we were 3.5 kilometers away from the port when the blast happened we were in a supermarket far away from the port 2 km far from the house

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Do you have enough money for bills?

My father pays for electricity and food i only pay for extra stuff like phone and laptop i bought a macbook pro to work on it and build a business and a cheap samsung phone i have enough money to last me for a few years

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No, I mean…
There are things to consider before having a baby.
Even if you take money out of the equation.

Increased stress
Lack of sleep
Loud noises
You will be responsible for constantly meeting the needs of a living, fragile thing
Never having alone time
And finally… Whether you’re able to not just physically care for the child, but mentally. Would it feel loved? Would you stimulate its brain?
Or would you be so ill from the stress that all your flaws and quirks affected the child?

Being able to have a child, biologically and financially, does not mean you are ready for one mentally.


Id probably have intrusive thoughts of killing the child

Best of luck with it

Babies and humans in general are very weak so i know my baby if here was born in this country he wouldnt be able to do anything and fail so i wont have a baby

Its not that id hate the baby, its because id love it and be afraid of hurting it (like the worst thing imagineable)

You don’t need to keep saying you are living in one of the worst countries in the world. We got it. :frog::frog::frog: