Am I crazy to want a baby when I'm schizophrenic?

One woman’s story:


She has to be the most"normal’ looking schizophrenic I’ve
'ever seen.


Nicely written piece.

I’ve known many schizophrenic moms.

As Nick notes, this gal doesn’t look or seem like most schizophrenics who I know. I would hate to think that the only thing schizophrenic about me when I’m on my meds is that I get a little tired.

I think schizophrenia is more disabling than blindess; of course, many blind people can parent.


I think everyone is crazy if they want a baby.

Having children should be on a nessecary basis only, because if you asked them if they wanted to do this they would more likely than not say no.

the risk is only 10%. It’s just that having children keeps schizophrenia in the gene pool, and its gonna come up later in the family tree. My opinion is that medications will continue to improve, so maybe schizophrenics having children is not exactly a horrible idea. Within a couple generations, there is bound to be a drug that just stops it cold, but now its in only its second generation of treatments, which still have side effects and imperfect efficacy. Maybe there will be a wonder drug within 100 years that all schizophrenics will become normal again with, who knows.

But now, the drugs dont work half of the time and can cause seriously bad side effects like diabetes or even fatal white blood cell abnormalities. The luckiest of us are recovered but sedated and a little doped up feeling. I have to drink alot of coffee to do normal things, I have zero energy or motivation without caffeine.

I think some of us would make excellent parents. I would LOVE to have children someday. I’ve been told my Grandfather had SZ. My uncle has it, my mother and my other uncle and aunt on that side, doesn’t. The genetic predisposition is high, but it’s not 100% a certainty.

Treatments are better, crisis management is getting better, therapies are becoming more accepted, it’s not all roses and sunshine, but normal people have a hell of a time parenting as well. Parenting is a tough gig. But if I ever end up with a wife, I really want to have kids.


I had two kids already when I got ill. The oldest boy has PDD-NOS and ODD. He is hard work. I don’t know if “normal” parents would manage him better. He pretty much does what he likes and doesn’t care about other ppl. He is 12 and we are trying hard to get him to go to school. But he doesn’t like it - he won’t go.

I’ve tried to wake him up all day. It’s 3.30 pm here and he is still asleep. He just hits me, yells at me and throw things at me when I try to get him out of bed. :confused:

I have seen this article several times. On the old forum there was a thread asking the same thing. From my point of view I do not regret having my son. There is always the chance of having a baby born with a disability even without genetics. Knowing ahead of time what to look for can make a big difference in getting treatment early. With the right support anything is possible :heart:


each person is unique, one of a kind and deserve any dreams and goals they desire regardless of any condition.


I would like to have a child too. but i’m not married and it’s probably not in the cards for me. I have a dog though and although i love my dog when i sick i know my care isn’t as good as what it is when i’m healthier. I still take care of her though and love her and she is very helpful to me i think when i sick. Keeps me thinking about something else besides my issues. So for me maybe it’s good that i don’t have a child because i would definitely want them to have a healthy and happy childhood. Not a stressed out one.

I also would want to be financially secure to have a child as well.

wow ,she looks so normal, where is the dark hair , the tattoos and the haunted look in the eyes !
oh wait, that is my reflection !
take care


Why should SZ have to do with how good a persons looks ? it’s in the mind not in the face…Anyway the eyes do get to look different, some how scary…but everything should look normal

the world is already over populated, so why having too risk having a child that could pass the illness
into your new born dna strand.

within creation there comes great responsibility

I would love to have kids of my own. I’m the only one in my entire family with schizophrenia, so I’d hope it stays like that. The only other one with a mental illness is my brother, who has anxiety + OCD.

The risk is too high, I won’t ever have kids.

The odds in russian roulette are only 16.7%, would you hold a gun to your child’s head and pull the trigger?

@77nick77 lol I’m cracking up - she is the most “normal” looking schizophrenic I’ve ever seen too!

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@darksith lol you described me exactly - this is too funny, but so true.

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Setting the humor aside - I was laughing at myself, wishing I looked so happy shiny and bright. How one appears, does not have anything to do with their state of mind, usually. I personally would’t have children, but it’s a free society where everyone should be able to choose for themselves. Many people living with schizophrenia are parents. Who are we to judge.

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My son is 12 and he has autism. His dad was diagnosed with schizophrenia while I was pregnant with him. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 10 years later. His dad and I are not together anymore, but my son and I have managed to stay together. I have some extra help living with my mother. It has been a blessing not having to work since we have a lot of people working with my son. He is an awesome kid. This morning he said “wouldn’t it be funny if instead of batteries they used baby birds?”


I don’t think she should let her disorder stop her from doing what she wants with her life. Everyone deserves that and if she wants a kid she should damn well have one.

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