Can psychotic episodes cause amnesia?

I have a story and a question. I was talking to a friend about the various ways you can be committed to a psych ward in Denmark, and we were talking about red papers. Red papers are when you’re rabidly psychotic or a danger to yourself or others, and it’s always involuntary.
I said “thank god that’s never happened” and he said it had and asked if I remembered “the couch incident”. I didn’t, so he told me the following story:

3-4 years ago, I visited him like I always did. Everything was fine, he went to the kitchen to cook us dinner. A while later I came running into the kitchen, seeming very agitated with a panicked look in my eyes he says I only have during psychosis. I was ranting incoherently about how his couch was trying to murder me, and getting agitated that he wouldn’t help keep me safe from it.
He knew something was very wrong, and the procedure to have someone committed on red papers in Denmark is to call the cops and have them escort the person to the nearest psych ward. However, the cops don’t have much resources, so they didn’t have the time.
He had to get a friend of ours to come over and sit with me in the back of his car so I wouldn’t open the car door and barrel roll onto the freeway.

When we got to the hospital, things were so bad they were thinking of putting me in belt restraints, but decided to try some sort of drug first. It knoced me the F out and I slept 15 hours straight.
I was in a high security ward for two weeks before I was somewhat coherent again, and they had to have someone have me in their eyesight at all times. As in, the door to my room was never closed and there was a nurse assigned for the sole purpose of sitting outside my door and keeping an eye on me.

I do not remember it at all. I don’t even have a feeling I’ve lost any time. I don’t remember being in the ward, I don’t remember being scared of the couch, nothing.

And this friend used a special code word when telling me, that we only use when we want to make it absolutely clear we are 100% telling the truth. None of us would even think of abusing it, and it is only for special cases.

So my question is: can a psychotic episode like this trigger complete amnesia?

I really don’t know but on meds I’ve done some seriously weird things especially on benzo’s. I used to sleep walk and the ex would say what are you doing Paul? I’d have a conversation and say I was ringing up an employee discount…She’d say come back to bed or go to the toilet and I would…I had no recollection of any or it and it happened multiple times…

Were you on medications like benzo’s at the time?

No, either Abilify or Invega, and most likely some seroquel

It’s never happened to me… I’m not sure. I’m sorry it happened though, that sounds very stressful.

I go months without thinking of specific traumatic events or delusions that have happened in the last five years, but I still have them on file to reference if I feel like digging around and revisiting something, so it’s not really the same.

Seroquel is pretty sedating for some. Weird as hell. Maybe disassociation? I’d be more inclined to think it’s a med issue as you seem so stable most of the time around here.

Im pretty sure there is psychotic amnesia. I may have experienced it before.

I did use to dissociate in the past.
But within the given timeframe, the only meds I took were Invega and Seroquel

But, like… Can being that rabidly psychotic, mixed with having a tendency to dissociate under distress, cause someone to block out the experience completely?

I’m no expert. It’s worth exploring with your treatment team. Meds really can make a difference for sure from my personal experience but It’s just me…Xanax did some numbers on my psyche.

It’s different and unusual for sure and worth exploring with your docs.

I feel that I had some form of amnesia during my first psychotic episode when I was 16. Whole days would be gone from my memory and I’d wake up to being in the middle of washing the dishes or something. And at other times I couldn’t remember things that just happened moments before.

When I was psychotic (and not eating) I definitely had memory lapses where scenes would change without me knowing what happened in between.

But it was only ever an hour at most. Not an entire day’s worth of events.

Once when I had a psychosis episode, I guess someone called the police on me…I got restrained on a stretcher with belt around my hands and ankles and took me to the hospital. There, a doctor and about 8 nurses gave me some kind of injection into my arm and rolled me to a hospital room… I blacked out within seconds and regained consciousness out in the street.

I don’t recall anything about leaving the hospital, or what I did to get reported to the police… I was wearing the mental hospital socks and patient clothing under my street clothes that I had no idea about. I have no idea how long I was unconscious for… it surely freaked me out also

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Should I go to my online e-journal and request the casenotes?
I’m scared of what I might see, but I want answers so badly

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I think requesting the case notes might be a good place to start.

And since you were in that bad a place mentally it would make sense that your brain might try to block it out.

Cause that’s kinda why dissociation happens. When your overwhelmed sometimes it’s better to shut off.

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