Can psychosis be just deranged or hyperactive telepathy and empathy?

Notice that this is just theory and i‘m just throwing this out to see what you think about it and discuss it and such. I personally dont belive 100% in this. but it kind on makes sense in itself.

I have this theory, which makes sense to me if you for just a moment imagine that telepathy and empathy exist. Lets just suppose that we actually every once in a while do feel what our loved ones feel when they are miles away and stuff like that.
So what happens if this function is deranged? we will recieve information that is not true (like the guy next to me in the bus is going to kill me). But what I‘m trying to say is this: There is a particular function, which is empathy or telepathy, that everyone has, which is then deranged in the psychotic person.
Frankly, I don‘t even believe the thelepathy and empathy in the psychotic or bipolar are deranged, I believe they are just hyperactive. There ARE people out there who dislike you for no reason (racism etc.) but in my hypothesis the psychotic person‘s antennas are just as huge as the Eifel tower and would recieve every bit of emotion and thought, whether it‘s directed towards them or not, and make the worst of it. like their psyche is like a sponge that absorbs every bit of negative thought and emotion from hers/his sorrounding(This would also explain disorganized symptoms.) In case of bipolars i suppose they receive only the emotions but of various people at different times and have no control on whose emotion they are absorbing.

I read an article recently about empaths recently and it made much sense.
then I read another article about how to close the „holes“ in your „energy body“ to prevent „emotions of other people“ to flood you and I have had great results. This made me think that this could be the thing.

what do you think? am I going gaga?

I think you are asking a valid question. I don’t have any answers. Personally I believe that telepathy is possible however I have no personal experience with it. Empathy is hard. How do you know if what you are feeling is your own emotions or that of others? We think people are feeling certain things based on our own life experiences and feelings so it’s hard to tell what is causing what. My son believes in telepathy and a host of other things. He thinks he can read me and my emotions and knows what others are thinking and feeling. From my point of view he is usually projecting his own feelings and thoughts onto other people rather then seeing them for who they really are. Is it possible that some of these higher functions are not functioning as they should? I think yes.

I dont mean to be blunt or rude, but this post sounds symptomatic. I know how thoughts like these can get stuck in your head, but they are easily disproved by hard sciences like physics and chemistry, and even more so by neuroscience.

I used to have intense delusions and I had to take the scientist role and remember that honors psychics class from high school (even though I made a C) and tell myself that telepathy or anything like that is simply impossible.

These kinds of “theories” actually fall into a DSM category of symptoms. It’s called Shared Psychotic Disorder. It’s like having sex with someone who has an STD, contracting it and spreading it yourself. Think of it like that.

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I’m glad you said it, when I do people get angry.

Thought and feeling is substance, in theory it can be detected from an outside source.

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I try to reassure my son that thinking differently or asking questions is not considered to be symptomatic, at least not in my opinion. It clearly states that it is a theory not a believe.

If a non SZ has alternative beliefs he is called peculiar or eccentric or odd - If a person diagnosed SZ has the same beliefs, he is being psychotic or symptomatic. There is a fine line sometimes. Right now because I am more stable, I take on an Agnostic view on many controversial subjects. If someone were to ask me if I believe in psychic abilities, ufos, telepathy, spirits - my answer would be - I dont know I guess its possible. I try to keep an open mind about these things. The problem arises when I am consumed by these subjects or I am delusional


Well if I’m being symptomatic then you should go and build some thousands of hospitals and institutionalize whole nations. And i find the comparision with having sex and f-ing STD inappropriate.

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For some reason, telepathy never enters into my psychosis. If I’m starting to feel the wheels come off my wagon, it’s all about being chased. I’m in grave danger and being chased.

When I was 17 I have thought my then 6 year old kid sister’s school was trying to brain wash her… Which could be argued that schools do develop a cultural way of thinking.

But I was so sure they were trying to turn her against me that I drove to her little elementary school and took her right off the school play ground during her lunch and drove away. I got reported as a kidnapper… which, considering my persistent fear and paranoia and delusions about kidnappers is very ironic.

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You wrote " from my point of view he is usually projecting his own feeling and thoughts onto other people rather than seeing them for who they really are "
-this point is correct 100%, and corresponding to the actual reality

From the point of reality:
1-if the schizophrenic individual has convinced himself that he in a case of telepathy with real
human people"whatever they are",that will be ended to creating obstacles which abort all attempts
of thinking that target to finding an autologous solutions,to be exit from the psychic-mental
crisis which fabricated by the internal telepathy source “in reality they are the voices entities/or the hallucinations entities”

2-if the schizophrenic individual has convinced himself that he in a case of telepathy with actual people,he will has full preoccupation with endless scenarios of superstition events,where the
schizophrenic thinks it actually occur between him and other parties “real people”,while these
events be occur only in his imagination-mind between him and the hallucination entities,
and exhausted all his time and thinking in vain

in the meantime,he ignores the actual daily events that occur in the real world around him,
which require take behavioral measures to deal with them successfully to meet his personal
demands and needs

the idea of telepathy regard with Sz gives wrong impression from all aspects to the mind of any schizophrenic individual in the world,because the telepathy process is means a full internal informational communication,bilateral feeling and imagination,and unity in internal TIME between two higher organisms,and that is the mother of impossibilities between two human beings,while it is a reasonable event between the evil entity “the hallucination or the vocal entities” and the human
=it is very easy to explain: why he thinks he can read me and my emotions and knows what others are thinking and feeling,because all of that is the impressions of internal messages of the imaginary people “hallucination entities” which are false,while in reality he or any human being can not read you or your emotion …etc

-YOU wrote"it is possible that some of these higher functions are not functioning as they should? I think yes
-it’s hard to tell what is causing what !

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no i don’t think it can. u have to look at the logistics of it actually being true. for a start it would have to b a completely seperate prsonality inside the senders mind, completely blocked off from his thoughts, feelings, sight, imagination and outward hearing. that person must also b unemployed and not mix with anyone and not do anything that requires concentration in order to fully concentrate on receiving ur thoughts, feelings, imagery and sight and hearing because if they had a job, family, relationship, any kind of disruption they wouldn’t b able to fully concentrate on receiving ur thoughts and if they couldn’t do that all day every day what would b the bloody point? most voices r persecutory in nature and in my opinion it would b knackering keeping on the attack 24/7 whilst trying to answer ur thoughts with a verbal counter attack each time and like i said, if they had any kind of life then they couldn’t concentrate on receiving ur thoughts anyway so what would b the point? personally i don’t tink it’s even possible to have a telephone clarity connection with some one but that’s just my opinion and i have seen no evidence to the contrary thus far. so no, not hyperactive telepathy or emapthy, just splintered personalities and over active cells making patterns of organised and persecutory speech.

Empathy has roots in truth. When experienced, can’t be denied. There are so many possibilities out there in this world, it’s sad that just because of the SZ label, everything has to be black or white, symptomatic or reality, proven or not true.
There is much more grey than black or white. It hurts to read such narrow thinking. It’s as if they are trying to prevent thinking due to being thought of as delusional.
Follow the masses, which are good for them, but I’d rather think for myself, no matter how unpopular it makes me.

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It’s the Empathy thing that sort of confuses me when lumped with telepathy.

the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

My kid sis is happy, I understand that she is happy and why and I am happy for her. That happens all the time. But that’s a basic function isn’t it? It’s not a psychic thing is it?

How you might feel sorry for someone getting picked on by a bully would be empathy wouldn’t it? That’s not a psychic or other realm response. Is it?
Maybe I’ve just had too much coffee right now…

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I think about this every day.