Can psychosis be induced by properties of the environment such as mold?

Around three years ago, I moved into a new apartment. Soon after (probably within a month), I became hypomanic and mildly psychotic. A little less than two years later, I ended up floridly psychotic/manic and involuntarily held in a psychiatric hospital. I then moved out of the apartment, discontinued medication, and have had no further symptoms. Could it be possible that there was some mold or something in the apartment that led to my psychosis?

Mold would be an easy thing to connect with sz if it was a cause. People exposed to the mold would have sz and certain patterns of sz incidence would indicate that as a cause.

Moving is a known to be a pretty big stressor which can trigger psychosis.

I’m not sure… I’ve googled it quickly and found some who said this was possible. Honestly never thought about it before, so I’m a bit clueless about it. Interesting. Good that you recovered from it, whatever the cause.

If thats true we would have much more than 0.5-1% of the population being schizophrenic. I mean mold is common.

Perhaps, but it might be some kind of gene environment interaction where some people are more susceptible.

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