Can psychiatrists just refuse to see you all of a sudden

I’ve been seeing same doc on and off for 8 years!! All of a sudden I’m being ignored. So hard to find a doctor who takes my insurance and will give me my klonopin. Why isn’t his secretary (who is also his sister) calling me back. I will try his direct line but he usually doesn’t answer?!??? Was it something I did/said??


I think there is a good health service in usa…!!!
U can approach her and she might be busy…!!!


Depends on your area and insurance. In my area it’s impossible to find a Medicare doctor very easily. My friend has schizoaffective and Medicare and he still hasn’t found a psychiatrist after 10 months. It’s been over a week she’s been ignoring me. I called, emailing, etc.


She called me finally. I see him Friday at 4.


Thats good news man…!!!


I agree, it’s so difficult finding a Medicare doctor like a psychiatrist or therapist.
This is why I choose to stay with my current doctors.

They are so difficult to find (good ones)


It could be me but pdocs can sometimes tune you out. I guess it is because they get used to not knowing if a patient is in trouble or just really anxious. I would think they would be more contentious and give everyone the benefit of the doubt just incase it is real trouble. But I guess everyone can kind of burn out and get desensitized to things.

I find that pdoc’s tune you out if they sense that you are stable. If you are not, they do anything but tune you out. A little anxiety does not count as instability.

At the last psychiatrist appointment I 've been treated like dirt. They took without reason my driverlicense. They just hate me. I thought they must had a bad day.
Communicationbreakdown. That was 2 years ago. But that psychiatrist sucked with my head instead of helping me. He must have felt so inferior. I got schizophrenia for 30 years and talked to many psychiatrist but he certainly willfully sucked my head. I can’t get over it.


They can. But it is called unethical and patient abandonment if your care is not properly assumed by an accepting physician to whom you are referred.


Www.medicare. .gov/. physiciancompare. :.:::;;:: To Find a Dr that takes Medicare

Sometimes if therapy has reached an impasse, or therapy has veered off course and the pdoc feels like he or she can no longer help his or her client, the pdoc will refer a patient to another pdoc.

I don’t think there is a law against that. My pdoc did now answer me for 2 weeks exactly when I needed her she did not answer the phone. I wanted to change her but is hard to find docs who work with medicare

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Yep they can unfortunately. I’ve had a therapist dump me in this way before. Super unprofessional. Made sure to give her horrible ratings.

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I had a psych dump me because I was non compliant with my meds .::he prolly thought I was a walking liability

Be patient, there might be a family issue or something else in the background.

Good luck when your appointment time comes… I had a shrink who told me he would not refuse to see me a couple of times. His thing was to give me orders and try to run my whole life for me. In the end, I refused to see HIM and changed to someone else. Now I’m a bit stuck, tho, 'cos I don’t like the new people, either. One provider I had was “tele-psychiatry” which is like medical Skype. I lost her because my ins. wouldn’t cover it. She was really great, so it’s a shame. My advice would be stick with who you’ve got if you can.

ive only had one doctor that has refused to see me and that was one a few years ago and she said i was too difficult to treat

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