Tomorrow I'm dumping my doctor like a bad boyfriend

I found a therapist yesterday,

She’s about my age, cute and eager to help.

Its made me reflect on my frustrations with this new psychiatrist.

Really, I’ve only been seeing him for a month,

He pressured me into getting the injection after only being on Abilify a single week.

I’ve been experiencing some serious side effects and his office has refused to call me back.

I’m a new patient, having problems, what’s the deal?

Tomorrow, I have a follow up and I’m going tell him just exactly what I’ve said here and see what he has to say.

Likely it won’t be enough to keep me in treatment.

Oy vey…


I stopped seeing a couple of them over the years, everything I said was wrong and one was always hour to two hours late and always talked with his back to me while working on other stuff on the computer.

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Its difficult to find a balance.

I realize he’s busy and see’s other patients,

I also expect an urgent phone call to be returned within a couple days,

Hell, a week.

We have options…


There are lots of patients and relatively few psychiatrists, so some psychiatrists will take advantage of the imbalance. These psychiatrists make their patients wait for two hours while they see inpatients at a hospital. Also, they don’t return phone calls and are arrogant. Furthermore, they don’t care if you find another psychiatrist because there’s a 100 people on their waiting list.

I’m glad that you found another psychiatrist.



My doctor called me and was very apologetic and got me an appointment first thing tomorrow.

I’m not happy, but I’m not angry anymore,

We’ll see how things go tomorrow.


I had to literally walk into my pdoc’s office today to make an appointment after a month of them not answering my calls :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: ugh.

Sometimes doctors are just really disorganized.

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You mean you’re going to throw all his clothes out of your second story window onto the lawn, break all his classic rock records, and dip his toothbrush in the toilet and never tell him?


I was just planning to get back into this relationship,

But resent him and be super passive aggressive.

Then your plan if things still don’t work out.

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