Place to live

Hi, I’m a 23 year old Schizophrenic who receives money monthly from SSI. As many others who receive this sort of money, you know that it’s very little. I will move out on my own in a couple of months because my mother is making my life much much worse (or at least she’s trying). Where would be a good place to live on this money? I want to be in a tranquil environment where I can’t hear the cars or any outside noise unless they’re birds lol.

thats quite hard cosmic, most places these days are on a road and there is always some kind of traffic and you dont really want to be a hermit on a hill totally cut off from everything do you?

what places are nice near you? with a low crime rate and generally nice people?

idk how you do things over there in america when looking for a house on ssi though so i would talk to the relevant services and get some advice from the profesionals, take care x