Can people see your mentally unwell when you don't think you are?

My first psychosis was a slow burn.

Lost about 40lbs on a smaller frame within the span of a few months, and just progressively deteriorated physically and mentally until I agreed to go to the hospital— although I felt on top of the world for a while there.

Subsequent episodes weren’t so great. Just 800-mile stares and internalized panic and distress from voices and visions.


I wonder if I’ve ever been able to hide it I mean in reality sometimes I’ve come off worse than I’m actually am lol

I don’t know. When I go out I am fine, but if I feel strange I think I come out as being mentally unwell.

I know if this makes any sense but maybe have someone film you when you go outside and see if yoy act mentally unwell in public.

Oh that would freak me out I don’t know if my ego can handle that

I think you would act perfectly fine and you can see how other people act. I was fine a couple days ago but people were sometimes making insensitive comments but I ignored them.

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I heard one guy talk about “not being on the beam, and not knowing you’re not on the beam, because you’re not on the beam”. There were times when I thought I was on the beam and all these well meaning people were trying to push me off.

I met a friend with sz the day before yesterday. He was visibily agitated and not calm like when he is on his meds. I knew straight away that, its the same for me

Same. I have trained myself to do things like buy cigarettes and i can answer questions some but i cant at all have a conversation

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I wear sometimes sunglasses when I have a frown. Sunglasses can mask many issues.

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If you see yourself as mentally well that is very good. But it is sad if people who care about you or who you care about see you as mentally unwell, ask what about yourself makes them think so. Maybe it just a sometimes a simple habit you can change.