Someone think like people can see your illness?

I’m lately thinking that someone that don’t even knows me can feel my illness in my look without even talk.

Someone feels identified?


I pass as a total normie. 100%. All day, everyday.
EXCEPT when I have had psychotic episodes where I go dancing down the street or hugging, pointing at or poking strangers, babbling in a ‘fake’ foreign languages, thinking I can sing really well (OMG…) or, of course trying to commit suicide. I have had some seriously crazy shenanigans go on. Yes, people can see my illness then. For sure. Absolutely.
But when I am not psychotic, no one can tell at all,


Some times I feel like people can see I’m not functioning well mentally, due to the fact when I make mistakes, it’s obvious.
I’ll think people judge me and assume I’m stupid.
No one has assumed or thought I had some mental problems however, but I do come off as daydreaming or very quiet and kept to myself.
I usually do whatever I can to keep the strong facade of “Oh hey yeah so I’m not sick at all ya know, I’m TOTALLY functional” despite when I start seeing or hearing frightening things.
This was before I got medicated, though.

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I feel a big weight come off me when I get by myself because I don’t have to be all stiff and watch my mannerisms. My stress is so sky high that my act isn’t that solid though. But if I “let loose” people would either laugh at me or be perturbed. I always try to stay around people for as little as possible.

Yes, I know some can see my illness! Most days ,when I am heavily medicated, no one pays much attention to me at all. I don’t even like people so I hang out alone most of the time. I love my dog because he sees all of my crazy, yet still loves me. Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t bother me anymore! I am me and that’s the only thing I can do. Take me or leave me…this part of me.

It happens me with everyone, I have the preconceived idea that they will find out that I am sick, I get nervous and then its when people see that there are something strange in me. It is shame caused by the general opinion about the schizophrenics, i don’t want that my behaviour reveals my secret.