Can lobotomy cure schizophrenia?

What do you think about having lobotomy to cure schizophrenia?

NO and NO!!! 151515151515151515


No way man. I’d be willing to try ECT or rTMS. They don’t do lobotomies anymore…thank god.

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@Chess24 The answer is NO!!!

Geez, for a moment I thought I’d been transported back to the 1940s.

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Lol… hell no chess… you know they dont know enough about the brain to edit it… why would you ever dream they knew enough about the brain to just start poking around in there with a stick…

There is a very good and reasonable answer to this question


Just one of the many stupid, dumb things they’ve used to treat the mentally ill. We complain about of meds now…I’d rather that than growing up in the early part of the 20 century where we lived in mental wards and they cut into your brain to make you probably worse functioning anyways.



I think you are joking, that’s what I think. Just to make a brief history lesson, lobotomies may have worked for a small percentage of people but they damaged way more people than they helped. Lobotomies are basically just crudely destroying a part of the brain in hopes that the mental illness will be physically “cut out”.

The drawback was that the procedure also cut out huge parts of the brain that turned its victims into drooling, non-functioning vegetables for life. So it was abolished for a reason. But just like most alternative treatments, lobotomies helped a very small minority but as a mainstream cure it just did not work. Thousands of people and their families had to learn that the hard way.


It is useless, most people had mixed results with it, some people had some good improvements and some other people had some really bad negative effects:

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people who recommend that, just want to control people, for devious reasons. like sex offenders angry that you don’t like them. they’re always lying about me. they just want people stupid, because that’s what it takes to get someone to like them. just from typing that, I had to listen to one of those phony sex offenders acting like he’s exasperated or disgusting. they’re disgusting

i read tms can disable parts of the brain.

No way am I letting anyone cut out a piece of my brain to make me a vegetable…