Can I regress even more in paranoia? Please, reassure me that not

Ok, my paranoia and worries were big for long… I also turned in some savage animal with this illness, plus this lasted for decades…
Now I fight, I fight even the numbness of the too many aps that they gave me… one doc said, that I’ve tried too many yeah… but now I am scared for myself… I am less numb, but I was having many thinking deficits too…
I take my zyprexa since 5 years, i dont switch it. It helps me to be on my feet… but my fears are still here, they cause even physical pain sometimes…
But now, that i get more awake per moments, i am scared that i can regress in a total paranoia one day, cause my life situation is still ultra bad :cry: can this happen in fact? Or maybe the paranoia will come and go away as till now? :roll_eyes::sweat:
Idk, I am not sure I wont degradate… it would have happen till now, no? Or the zyprexa will help this still?
Idk… my psychological state was destroyed by something, maybe by my parents yeah… :sweat:


It’s always possible to regress in any mental illness. That’s why I still attend AA meetings to maintain my sobriety and why I still do therapy and CBT for my schizophrenia. If you’re coasting you’re probably going downhill. Keep pedaling.


It’s always come and gone before. Do you feel it’s getting worse now?

I hate seeing you suffer like this

I have found once I have been on a med that controls the psychosis well, it has been fairly manageable

The issues I dealt with after that came up was anxiety, then Autism and now depression apparently.

Perhaps you’re feeling some anxiety around your illness? I am not diagnosing you, but might be something to think about

I know anecdotally that the anxiety was only really noticeable once the psychosis was under control

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