Can I just leave and stop the sufferings?


Can I have a choice? Can I have access to some support service if I choose to leave this life? My life is so destroyed that I feel very unwilling to live. It is so difficult to deal with the challenge with my residual abilities.


I’m sorry that you are going through a tough time. It’s good to see you back on the forum and I look forward to seeing you post more in the future.


There are many good support services to help you live a better life. I strongly recommend you reach out to them.

First - talk to your doctor and other mental health support people about how you’re feeling. Talk to your family and friends - while you might not realize it right now, they would be devastated if you hurt yourself.

Here are some groups that can help you find some resources in your city:


hi goggles, I am very sad you are sad. I know sometimes it might seem like during the holidays we are forgotten, but you are loved more than you know from your family and friends? I hope you find the hope to live. Good luck.


Hi @goggles~~~
Hope you get past this feeling today.
You won`t feel this way tommorow.
Just make one phone call-and everything will change.
much love )) OO


c’mon goggles. you can do this. know that your parents love you and would never forgive themselves if anything happened to you. try not to think about leaving this life but instead think in terms of how you can make this life better for yourself. is it voices you’re hearing? ideas of persecution? delusions? what’s going on to make you feel like this? much love, jayne x


Hi Goggles. Everybody on here has suffered at one time or another but we all survive. You can too. I don’t believe that any schizophrenic has not suffered. I spent 8 months locked up in a psychiatric hospital. I had every reason to commit suicide but I’m sure glad I didn’t. I am probably the least equipped person on here to survive hospitals and life in general. But somehow I did. And still do. At my worst, I did not know if I would ever get better. I saw no end to my psychosis. But I muddled through. Now I got a chicken in the oven, I just finished a bowl of pudding, the heater is cranked on high and the radio is on. These are my rewards for making it through. You may never win the Nobel Peace Prize but there are simple, small, things in life to live for.


know someone cares.
one big bunny hug :rabbit: for you.
take care :alien: