Why should I live another day


I had a life before I got schizophrenia. My life has hit rock bottom, I have no friends, no job, no girlfriend. I am unhealthy because I’ve been smoking for three years. I have more then schizophrenia I have a traumatic brain injury. My life is so ■■■■■■ up I contemplate suicide daily. I have no hope and am just depressed. I can’t even conversate normally. My reputation is terrible. I am a christian but these clouds won’t leave me. A lot more is wrong with me then just what I wrote. So I ask, what in life is worth breathing another day?


Hi chrisjjack, I know how you are feeling, Iv’e been to that dark place many times before. Just please try to remember, this feeling won’t last forever, and you will feel better. If you need to talk to your psychiatrist please do. If you have a therapist talk to that person as well. I don’t have the things you are talking about as well. No job, friends, no girlfriend, but what I do have is my family, my dog a roof over my head and more importantly myself. Just because you are suffering from schizophrenia does not mean you are not worthy of a meaningful life. If things get real dark please call an emergency hotline.


You should join a mental illness support group. It is very good for people to know that they arent alone. You really aren’t…there are people everywhere who have mental illnesses.


hi chrisjjack
I am living for 20 years with the diagnosis schizophrenia.
What keeps me alive: was the question: What happens tomorrow?
I am interested to know, what kind of things will happen tomorrow?
This keep me in dark moments alive.


How old are you? Are you going to college? It can get better. I’ve been smoking for twenty plus years. I have asthma, but take medication for it. Do you have a therapist? Someone who is good at listening? Do you take medication?


oh hunni i feel for u i really do…but u have to live for tomorrow when things will get better. nothing lasts forever and this depression won’t either. u know i have voices, over 200 of them at me everyday telling me to kill myself and if i do certain things they’ll kill me, my kids have been tortured, i’ve been tortured and raped but i’m not down because i will fight to b happy till my very last breath. i deserve that and so do u. u do have friends, u have everyone on this site rooting for u, everyday if needs b. check in every day with us and pour ur heart out. i guarentee somebody will b here to pick u up when u fall, just as they r right now. u have plenty to live for. do u have pets? i have 5 pets and two kids and they force me to get up and do things, take them to school, take them out for walks. feed them, clothe them and in return i get a lot of love and that keeps me strong every day. u know even when the voices are at me all day every day i never feel like quiting because i deserve more and so do u. if u ever need a pep talk feel free to email me. much love…jayne. xxx


If you really think about this, you will realize you are an evolving being, definitely not the same person you were as a baby, nor a toddler or even a teenager.
Living in the past is the best way be miserable in the present.
Don’t forget where you’ve come from, but live with what you are today. Accept what you can do today as good enough and then be the best you are able to be.


I was at my lowest when I got diagnosed at age 19. I contemplated suicide often. I had no hope and no guarantee things would get better.I had no friends, no money, no girlfriend.Nothing. My life revolved around suffering, for 2 1/2 years.
I didn’t know what had happened. It was a gradual, decline.But the paradox is that one day in my suffering I woke up and it SEEMED like one day I was bullshitting with my friends, and the next day I was in group home insane and fighting for sanity all day, every day. I just want to say that I am glad I stuck around. I had every reason to kill myself. But my life got better, against all odds. I hope you stick around too.


Try to find a way to help others. One of the things that helps me is when I find ways to cope with my illness I can use those things to help others cope. I have found that crochet really helps me with my symptoms. I feel so much better while I am doing artwork of any kind and for awhile after I finish. I have started teaching crochet to others with mental illness. Music, especially uplifting instrumental music really helps me too.


I often have the same feelings so your’e not alone. Life has little meaning and were stuck like. Least we can enjoy the things we still do enjoy.


To be in that deep dark hole with suicidal thoughts is hell. I have been there three years ago. I went and saw my psychiatrist and told her about my thoughts. She prescribed for me a mood stabilizer with my anti psychotic medication. It still took a couple of months for me to get better but today I am alright and I am very happy that I have hanged in there.


Yes, life is worth it because the alternative will not only kill you but your family. The worst of the worst will pass and things will get better. I was 17-18 when I was going through my worst. I was in and out of hospital, I was homeless for a while, I was on drugs. But I got better. It took some help, but it got better. I know it sucks now. I know it’s too damn hard now. But nothing… absolutely nothing lasts forever. Your 17 so you have a family…

I actively tried to earnestly leave this life and I really did have a foot out the door. But my kid sis found me and did CPR, called 911 and all that.
If I thought I was breaking my family’s heart by being around, it was nothing compared to how much I hurt them trying to die. You don’t need to get down to that point.

Your actually ahead of me at 17 then I was at 17. You’re here discussing life and not in hospital licking the walls. Your trying to hold on. Your lucid enough to use a computer, you’re not in hospital with your mind so far blown you can’t form sentences… your doing better then I did at 17 and you’ll do better still.

Talk to us and others. Most of all talk to your family.