Can i have schizophrenia without hallucinations?

Hi all ,

My doctor diagnosed me with schizophrenia , i have delusions but not hallucinations , is that possible ?

Yes, that’s possible. AFAIK as long as you’ve been psychotic it doesn’t matter if you don’t have hallucinations.


@anon9798425 Thanks very much.

I have paranoid schizophrenia, I don’t hear voices and don’t have hallucinations. I take an anti psychotic and am unfortunately fairly low functioning.

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I am sorry but i recently discovered that all the confusion of my life is caused by a mental illness.

Can schizophrenia make me to change my religious beliefs ?

I was forced to believe in one religion since my birth , but since i had the ability to think i hated that religion , gradually quit practicing it and finally left it.

Now i know i have disease and malfunctioned mind.

So my question in general , how to know if any thought or believe i have is true or delusion ?

Did my illness make me leave my old religion ? Or i left it by my own true thinking ?

Now i don’t trust any thing that i previuosly processed with my malfunctioned mind.

I doubt every thing in my head , i feel like NEGATIVE ZERO.

Any help , please ?


Thanks for that information.

I have the same situation like you.

I work in a low skill job to be able to afford food and rent , and sleep the rest of my life , i cannot function at all in any activity.

There’s a period of coming to terms with it all, that’s normal and it sounds like what you’re going through.


If you feel the need to be spiritual there are a lot of different avenues which you might find more to your taste. If you don’t buy into at all any more(like me) then welcome to the crowd of non-believers.

I’d just focus on finding happiness and functioning in life. There are a lot of ways to go about both.

Therapies are out there. You can also research psychology and get a feel for what the human is supposed to be like.

I doubt you’ve deviated to far from the norm. You seem coherent and are questioning things. I’d assume that happens to a lot of people who lose faith and don’t really know why.

Did your doctor ever list out the symptoms that had him dx you with schizophrenia?



Thanks for your response.

My doctor told me that i have ''schizophrenia - like ‘’.

She did not explain anything , she was typing on the computer while listening to me. At the end of my session , she told me to take zanax and another anti psychotic medecine.

When i am among people , i am normal , talkative , funny like anybody , but in the same time i am among them , i have alot of presisting repetitve silly ideas brainstorming my brain , my brain is brainstorming while i am writing those words , i cannot concentrate with those piles of silly thoughts wandering at my mind at full speed.

When i am alone in my room , this is hell !

Hours of non stoppable presisting solid repetitive silly ideas wandering in my brain so that my brain gets over heated , and i have severe pain in my head .

Then i masturbate the hell out of myself to be able to sleep so that i can stop the pain of the wandering thoughts.

I cannot sleep without that.

Do you consume coffee, nicotine, or other drugs?

@SoitGoes 40 ciggerates a day , 5 tea cups , may be 3 coffee cups.

In my last 7 years , i spent first 5 of them taking weed , not very heavily , but frequently.

No i dont do drugs at all , may be i drink two beers in the weekend only and not every weekend.


I want to tell you weird thing.

When i am trying to express an adjective of something inside my mind , i find my mind saying the exact oppsosite automatically !!

Suppose my mom gave me nice gift , inside my mind i try to say ‘‘my mom is great’’ , but what happens is , i say ''my mom is ‘’ and my mind completes the sentence with ‘‘b###c’’ !!!

This happens all the time every day.

Tobacco is very hard and stressful to quit.

You could start by cutting out the coffee and sticking with tea. Then maybe reduce the tea.

I went from drinking multiple coffees a day to having one mountain dew about every other day. It has helped a lot. I didn’t think it would but I was wrong. Stimulants do a lot to take the mind away from the natural state of the brain. It could also be factor in the ease of getting headaches.

You gotta do what you have to do to enjoy life, especially with illness, but if you can take a break for a while and sit and breath it might help in the long run to get a feel for that state.

Meditation might help you in the long run as well as it’s all about forcing your mind to be as empty as possible and or going to mental place that makes you happy.

A life built around substances isn’t very healthy. Psychologically and physically.

i’m not a doctor, these are just my opinions.

I bet you feel a lot better at this point for not smoking weed. Eventually it’d feel the same for caffeine and cigarettes.


Yeah these are called intrusive thoughts. I have had them a lot during psychosis, and sometimes, though not often still have them. The challenge is not to spend too much attention to it. And to stay away from the delusion that some agent is manipulating your mind - which is not the case.

In my case, these intrusive thoughts typically question or negate everything that used to confidently constitute my identity. Such as sexuality, appreciation of others, sometimes my own abilities. In my case it is typically those things I was so certain about that I wouldn’t give them a second thought that arise and get challenged by intrusive thoughts. Taken seriously these thoughts can make you question yourself, your identity, etc. to an unhealthy level. Like your example: it is normally beyond question that you appreciate your mom in general, then this itrusive thinking comes up and starts to question that. For me this has been tougher to deal with than hallucinations, precisely because it makes you question your whole identity. If you take them seriously enough, you will end up not knowing who you are anymore.

I am not sure how easy it is for you to ignore these intrusive thoughts, for me it was uneasy at first, for they felt somehow mine. What helped me was to rely not only on what I was (intrusively or not) thinking right now, but to put much importance on how I always used to think about myself, before all this started to happen.



You are not a doctor but you help like an excellent one :blush:

I like your advices and highly appreciate your opinions , will try to apply them into my life.

How can i meet people whose minds was malfunctioned and gone crazy after losing a faith ?
You told me this happens to alot of people , can i talk with anyone of those ?

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Well, I don’t know any personally. I was just assuming that it could happen. IF you talk to the wrong people they’ll just try and renew your faith.

Let me do some googling.

As far as finding a specific type of individual to talk to, that’s not easy in any scenario.


All you can really do is try to get some perspective. There might be some info in this article you’d appreciate.

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If you disliked your religion before getting sick, then chances are you are in a different category than these folks.

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Yes , it is very hard. Allright i will google also and hope to see some similiar people.

Thanks again , i highly appreciate your help , i hope life goes very well with you.

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Thanks man, I’m in a good place for the next couple years. I should have it all sorted out by then, whether the illness remisses or not.

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