Can I get a prescription from normal doctor for something for social anxiety?


I remember getting klonopine prescription when I was phycotic wondering if I can get one now . My pdoc gave me propranolol but doesn’t seem to work for me and my next appointment is in like a month and two weeks. I want to get prescribed a benzo as I know they work for me best and make sza easier for me please don’t comment how they are addictive and that I’ll end up in the streets sucking @@@@for benzos lol


How long have you been taking it? It needs time


Like a day i gave up after not feeling relief


Maybe it doesn’t work for you. You should try another one. Are you anxious?


Yes, but it would be up to his/her discretion entirely. That combination may not be appropriate for you especially if you are self-diagnosing which can be dangerous with any medical, and especially psychiatric diagnoses. Be open with your symptoms rather than asking for a particular drug and let your doctor’s experience and education help you.


I want to try another medicine iv tried antidepressants but they didn’t work for me .the problem is that I got to wait over a month to see my pdoc again :confused:


Can’t you call him?


Don’t think so . :confused:


You need prescription to take benzos, right?


Don’t think so . :confused: 1515155


Yes I think so 15151


Most psychiatrists are against double dipping with psych need prescribing. If you need a psych need to need to talk to your psychiatrist.

Call them and ask for an earlier appointment if available.

But not even giving the propranolol a chance doesn’t bode well for your chances. You sound like you’re just drug seeking.


Im not drug seeking I just want the right drug combination so I can live happy


Why don’t you give the propranolol a real chance? One day isn’t long enough to know if it’s going to help or not. It doesn’t work like benzos. It’s won’t stop an attack, it’ll help you be more calm overall.


some walk in docs will, some wont. I find most know my situation and will give me pretty much anything i ask for. One time i was given a script for 200 tabs of t3’s (for my back).

Just go doctor shopping.