Can I get a job when I’m older

My dream is to be a lawyer or a psychologist

Can a psychotic person study that?

Most of the barriers you would face from accomplishing those would be personal.

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I went to law school, but I went before I was medicated. I made it halfway while dealing with all kinds of psychotic and affective symptoms, so I think yes, if you are determined, it can be done.

You just have to get your meds straight, and work on behavioral methods of dealing with your symptoms that the meds don’t control.

And you have to be willing to work very hard.


Yes but you’ll need your meds to be working to make it easier on yourself. These are good goals


Can I quit meds some day?

I’m not having the same conversation with you over and over.


I asked if I could. I didn’t ask you

If you start repeating yourself again, I’ll close this.

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I wont dont worry

You asked a general question. I answered. If you don’t like my answers, don’t post a question openly to the whole forum.

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I wish they didn’t deny my application bc of the diagnosis

Those are lofty goals. It’s possible I guess. Many schizophrenics work.

Well I’m not sure what record you have…there’s a background check for both I’m sure…you might not be able too tbh. Both of those you have to be healthy upstanding members of society. I’m not saying your not I’m just saying be careful and research.

But what is in your favor is that we are all a little schizophrenic. Whether your the mayor of Cincinnati or a lawyer or shrink or batista or middle management we all have beliefs which are not true and fear of all kinds of things.

If you get on with a prestigious law firm you can make a LOT of money, but you will earn every penny, and I gather that psychiatry is a very punishing job. A psychology professor at school said that once you have had a practice for six months the whole world starts to look like a cesspool. Psychiatrists have a very high rate of suicide. I think psychiatry should be more specialized. I’m sure every psychiatrist has their own areas of expertise and other areas not so much.

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I hope you can.
But I didn’t have such an early onset.

I will take my meds and go to therapy

Id it possible for me

I’m a translator and I work. I go to school full time again soon.

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Some, yes. You want to do something very complicated and intellectual. At the same time you can’t seem to grasp simple concepts or follow reasonable instructions. As in you can’t do things my daughter could at half your age. You’re really going to have to change things up if you are to accomplish these goals because I don’t like your odds right now. You’re NEVER going to get there if you keep trying to screw around with your treatment, I promise that.