Can depression worsen your schizophrenia?

i have schizophrenia. i have some physical pain issues from a injury which has caused me depression. i noticed that my schizohrenia got worst when i became depressed? can this depression be the cause of my symptons getting worst?

Right before my breakdown I was extremely depressed to the point I found it so hard to function. It lead to a psychotic episode. but perhaps those were negative symptoms…

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I suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar - depression/mania. I was very depressed earlier and had depression for years but did not really notice them because i also have negative symptoms caused by the SZ.
Depression can cause SZ to get worse, depression can add to the negative symptoms.
I was given a mood stabilizer with strong antidepressant properties and am doing better with the depression


thanx for the responses. so i was right. my depression from my injury did cause my schizophrenia to get worse.

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For me depression is stressful and so is anxiety and both of them increases my voices.

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Yes - I think that the research supports this idea. Depression is very stressful - and stress is a known trigger for schizophrenia symptoms. But the good news is that if you get treatment for the stress/depression you’ll probably do very well. There are many good therapies for depression - from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to medications and I’ve read the the best approach is both combined.

Here are some videos on CBT - and there are online computer programs that you can use for depression if you want to save money. One well-known one is called MoodGym:

Another paid one is focused just on schizophrenia with more interaction and videos - called CopingTutor at:

Here are some good videos on how CBT could help you (and they teach you some techniques)


thanx for the videos…