Can communicate with animals? No. But coincidentally

So 2-3 times a day I turn on running water for my cat Don Juan and he drinks it and I also leave a bowl full of water. He waits by the sink and rubs against it like it’s my leg and waits for me to turn on the running water.

Once before he turned it on by accident

This morning I was like “I’ve already turned on the water for you twice this morning I’m not doing it again but if you can turn it on yourself you can have it”. At that moment he starts purring and rubbing against it and manages to turn it on. But he turned it on too fast but he did. It was the second time he’s ever turned it on. He ran away it was scary fast for him.

I don’t believe I’m psychic and can communicate with animals but moreso god is sending me a message. Maybe “I am here”. Or something. Revealing/showing him/herself to me. Well I believe it’s not god but the makers of the computer simulated world we live in even though it seems real to us. Like the matrix kinda.

That’s the gist of my delusions these days.

I don’t dwell on it. I’m in love and awe with my spiritual nature and creativity. It is what it is.

Sometimes I think these delusions make more sense than other more universal ideas. Idk. It’s up for debate I guess but not trying to start debates.

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I’ve found animals are far more aware and capable of understanding than I was told to believe.

It’s more about understanding what they’re trying to do… and then finding subtle ways to compliment their capacity to attain their goals.

Animals love safety… My cats certainly know who I am, in relation to everyone else, and they do trust me.

They’ll both maintain being within 3 feet of me a lot of the time… like little peripheral familiars.

I like their presence and their obedience… it gives me purpose and makes me feel connected to something other than myself.

I feel ya @Jonnybegood

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My cat, Simba, totally understands me. Does he always follow my commands? No. But, I know he comprehends every word I say to him.


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