Seeing things that arent there

just some random thoughts, and observations:
my cats sees thing that arent there, at least for me
they dont excist. not even a fly, yet something is moving and has
grabbed their attention.
Does it mean that he and she has delusions?
or is the way we percieve creation somewhat limited?
like since cats can see for example uv light.

i find it really weird that if humans are seeing,smelling,feeling or hearing things
that are out of the ordinary we are labeld as delussional, ill, etc

especially because of the FACT, that no neurologist exactly knows how the brains work a 100%
or at least says they dont know…

your thoughts?, i mean no one knows for 100% sure, that the norm is all there is

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Excellent question and it should be studied much more! cats as well as dogs and some other animals are much more in tune with invisible energies, spirits, etc. maybe they are more psychic. Their senses of smell and hearing and much stronger than ours. Some of us may be able to hear some sounds only dogs can normally hear as with my hearing test when i was 19.
Animals are known to sense an uneasy presence in places known to be haunted. They have sensed earthquakes before they happen when humans are taken by surprise.
Cats were often familiars of certain witches because of their psychic abilities.
Some animals will respond to a silent call without me speaking or making any gesture that would call them, simply by thinking and looking at them, so they are picking up something from me…also did that with a couple of humans before.

humans used to be much more perceptive. thats why in ancient times almost everyone was spiritual in one form or another. Sure, there were even superstitions that really didn’t mean anything, but in the long run humans could pick up on energies and vibrations that were unseen.

With the advent of the industrial age and materialism humans began to lose their abilities by lack of use, then by man made teachings that were nonspiritual, denied the spiritual, and created a science devoid of spirit…As this delusion evolved, teachers of these falsehoods began to invent theories that taught such perception was a delusion or hallucination. the things they were teaching were actually delusional, so now many people are labelled as delusional because of mans delusions that deny the spirit.

Your cats of course knows exactly what is going on. They are not having delusions. If anything, animals demonstration of such abilities is trying to teach us what we have lost…or what some have lost… I never lost it so I cannot say I need to learn of these perceptions, just work with what I have always had and have the understanding of it…

I agree with this. When people are having a psychotic episode, it’s ridiculous to say that what they are perceiving is not real. The question is only how to respond best to what you perceive. You want the best possible outcome. If you are getting a message that you are a saint and can fly, or an avenger and should kill the guy across the road, how can you best respond? Right from the beginning, my son started to “truth check” his messages, and quickly deduced that they were not reliable (not true isn’t the same as not real). So he chooses to try to ignore them and take APs to reduce the degree to which they can distract him from day-to-day activities, ie give them less power. How do you deal with them?


Sounds like the Bible teaching of testing the spirits. We are supposed to test the spirits to know if they are from god - meaning good messengers. many false messengers are out there in the world. these are to be rejected and ignored…not acted upon.
Shutting off the “phone” so to speak isnt really the answer because the other party is still there and may even find another way to contact you. this example is best noted when people are given an AP or other type of med and their 'symptoms" go away for awhile only to come back at some later time…Something is finding a way around the medications blocking effect. Could be tolerance, or could be something else.
To continue on this path can mean years of switching meds and having constant ups and downs with the possibility of stumbling upon a med that gives really nasty side effects…who wants to go through life with tardive dyskenizia twitching, their tongue rolling out and all that?

there was a guy on haldol one time who stuck his tongue out when he talked…looked like he was making fun of who he was talking to, and some guy wanted to bust him in the head. I explained he was on a medication that made him do that and he couldnt control it. After watching the guy for awhile he realized the tongue came out even when he wasnt talking to anyone…so in some cases those side effects can create dangers other than in your own body… stigma related and misunderstandings…

I deal with it in a totally natural and spiritual way and if something negative comes to my mind i know how to handle it…

Back to the cats…this is a cool article

thank you for your answhere.
it is very elaborate and easy to read/understand.

and i will read the link of that link, interesting

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There are more questions than answers when it comes to psychiatry

Seeing things that aren’t really there, spreads across many places.

For quite some time people were seeing and hearing honest politicians.
Later on it began to be recognized that what they were seeing and hearing did not really exist.

For reasons still not understood, these people who were seeing and hearing that which was not, were not placed on medications.


The reason I know my “hallucinations” (as others call them) are real is because my cats have all reacted the same way I do. They don’t like strangers and will run when anyone is at the front door knocking or if someone new comes in, they disappear.
When I was seeing things, they also behaved odd, slinking along the floor slowly, howling in a very low, slow tone that made my hair stand on end. They stand on their hind legs starring at one spot for minutes at a time frozen. They also “puff up” tails fat,back arched hissing in one direction. Sometimes they will chase somethings up and down the hall (solo-not each other) in a very spastic, super fast pace, the black one will actually bounce off one wall about 4 feet up trying to swat at it, then chase it all around the room.
This is always done when I sense a presence in the house, hear footsteps, doors open (that ain’t a cat doing it) hear glass break but find no evidence… just an average day at my house. Did I mention seeing people walk past, but no one else is in the room?

I’ve never had a visual hallucination and yet…okay I’ve seen things though. Once I was alone one night closing up the coffee shop I was working at and I heard loud footsteps coming down the hall outside the door. I figured it was the manager of the jewelry shop coming to check on something. But when the sound of the footsteps came nearer what I saw was this faint but very visible shadow of a man with a long cloak and tall boots walk by the doorway and fade into nothing. This was years before I had ever experienced symptoms of schizophrenia.

The only other instance of this was one night driving my girlfriend home in a snowstorm we passed a girl doing some kind of zombie walk by the side of this long, dark uninhabited road. She was wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt and her hair was unusually long. Her face was vacant, there was just something not right about her…she scared us, and yes we both had seen her.
So we drive on for a minute or two before I decide to turn around and see if she needed help as I mean…who zombie walks in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of a snowstorm? Well we drove back the way we came and she was nowhere to be found. I stopped and looked around and there weren’t even any footprints in the snow where she had been walking. So I stop at the nearest payphone and call the police to report this mysterious troubled girl and the dispatcher accused me of making a prank phone call…she didn’t believe me but said they’d put the word out.

Just a couple of ghost stories that’s all.


You have a ghost or a spirit living there. My house has activity but it is different. I have lived in places that have the kind of activity you do with the footsteps and doors and occasional people appearing.
Have you tried communicating with it? I wonder if it is playing with your cats? Some spirits can be playful…in most cases they are not scary.

Ha! double tap on the roof right over me…that is a “yes” in answer to me saying spirits can be playful and most are not scary.

The spirits don’t bother me anymore, they used to, because I wanted some sort of proof that there was someone else in the house doing things I got blamed for.
There is more than just one, seems like a few of them followed me from other houses I’ve lived in, one being right across the street from a current graveyard and an unofficial Indian burial ground next to it (us).
I don’t get excited anymore with the lights, sparkles, crashes, voices (how can you be sure it isn’t the neighbors or in my head?) …I don’t care. Soon I will get to cross over and I hope to see some friendly faces.

My cat also has bug hallucinations.

Spirits are naturally attracted to such places. Please respect the Indian burial ground!
Some of the quick lights and sparkles can be physical, stuff that happens in the eye or brains visual…others are external…i can tell the difference.

Trust me, I know the difference too.
Respect the Indian burial ground, you bet, I’m 1/8th American Indian. Problem is, in the last (?) 9 years the city built a new set of houses right on top this sacred ground. It was taboo to do so until someone got the bright idea money was more important than respecting spirits. How they got away with it I’m not sure. It is just one street, The houses are on a steep hill (naturally), and the houses sit on the outside of the U-shape with the single entrance/exit street at one end and ends in a court at the other. Believe it eventually filled up with outsiders, the locals avoided the place. I live within walking distance from it, and drive by it to get to my house, you can see that it has less than 30% occupancy and most are empty with signs in the window For rent/Sale begging people to buy. Rumor has it it has ghosts (really?) and paranormal activity like “Poltergeist” the movie. Doesn’t surprise me, it is right next to the first place I lived after getting married, and I lived there 3 years. That’s where many unexplainable things would happen and I believe I picked up an extra ghost or two.

My perspective is more scientific. I believe that dogs and cats have much sharper senses. Dogs can hear the ultra high-pitched dog whistle, humans can’t. Cats are said to have excellent vision. The cat may be perceiving things undetectable to your senses.

For real that’s what happens. All the invested money right down the drain. the spirits themselves will drive people away. I am in a similar place though not a Native burial ground. However there is an old cemetery with a history. A couple of them make themselves known.
People who fear such things or disrespect them will have problems. I had someone out here that disrespected the spirits and the poltergeist activity was intense…the person was literally driven off…the activity immediately stopped after that.

Oh the things my cat picked up were indeed perceivable to my senses. I definitely knew there was someone in the house, sometimes they had physical mass and opened the front door which dropped the fork I put in the top (my high tech security system) onto the hardwood floor, They had to have opened the screen too,but I don’t recall hearing it squeak, as I stood right next to it, just around the corner. When I looked immediately after hearing the fork drop, the front door which had been shut, deadbolt locked from the inside, was standing unlocked and opened by an inch…something went out that door.
How do you explain when I was pretending to be asleep ( I was to riled up to sleep at the time) on my couch with one of those hearing aid/spy devices that amplifies the hearing hidden in one ear, when I heard a woman’s voice say “oh look what we have here” another guy said “well what do you know” another guy said “imagine that” then I heard a large dog start to whine and the woman shut him up quickly jerking the collar and saying “SHHHHHH” the dog started again and she blew this high pitched whistle (softly) that reminded me of the whistles the police in England use. Everything went quiet and they were gone. Not the first time I encountered the dog and woman. I recognized her voice and the dogs bark in an incident prior in the park by my house when I was sitting down under a tree, head down and the dog came up to me barking by my face, but I never looked up. After a few minutes of this dog barking so close to my face I could feel it’s breath on my hands, the woman finally said “lets go” and the two women who had been talking left with the dog.

Spirits follow me around…I think it was because I made a prayer for Jesus to bring those who I can help to me so I can help them…kind of a sixth sense I guess…I know my grandpa follows me around because I am praying for him to get to Heaven…he knows about how I felt before he died and he didn’t believe what I did…my mom is severely upset still that he didn’t make it to Heaven…anyways, my other grandfather came to see me when he died, and he did go to Heaven…he and grandmother look over me I believe, kind of my own personal angels…I have felt the begging grandfather ever since around the time he died…I don’t think I can pray him into Heaven, but I try still…he is so sad…

Does he not want to leave you and cross over because you still need him here?

I wish there was a door to cross over in…maybe you could pray him over to where your door is? His name is Leslie…I will tell him to go over there and see if the “presence” disappears…if he still hangs around sad, I will know it didn’t work…?