I have telepathy with animals

I talk to cats and dogs and my plants. In the world of imagination they talk back, but it really is them. We lend our consciousness to our pets, wild animals aren’t as communicative. Early in the morning I see deer in my neighborhood and they are people inside too. I had a shouting match with the crows that perched on my roof but we resolved it. I really do believe it. I don’t have many strange ideas, they were mostly religious and I lost faith in the god of my youth, and I know me saying I can talk to animals sounds crazy. They don’t say much to me, they keep to themselves, even the cat I used to have. ( My sister adopted him when I moved out of my dad’s house into an apartment with another mentally ill guy.)

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Nope! You don’t have telepathy with animals. Stop wasting your time with nonsense, eat your meds and try to find something realistic to do.


Saint Francis from Assisi was supposed to be able to talk to animals.

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A few years ago, I thought I cast the souls of my enemies into my cat. It was really weird. I believe in telepathy but not with animals. I don’t think there thoughts are sophisticated enough to pick up on.

Beg to differ! My cat is a genius! :rofl:

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I was told I have CLAIRSENTIENT

Being an HSP is vastly different from being able to communicate with animals through telepathy.

:joy: :rofl:

I’m still dying laughing at your phrasing! Great comment.


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