I don’t talk to myself anymore but I talk to the cat all day

I realized I don’t talk to myself anymore but I do talk to the cat all day. I say out loud what’s on my mind to the cat. If I have a question I ask him. He’s really good with words for a feline but usually just get a blank confused stare when I ask him a detailed question he’s unfamiliar with.

Do you think it’s healthy to talk to the cat??


It’s healthier to talk to a cat than nobody at all. I used to have full fledged conversations with myself when I lived alone

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Ha ha I’m glad you think so too. I did too i used to always talk to my other self. That was until I started Abilify. Those symptoms went away on Abilify for me. But then I got this cat and ever since, I talk out loud again to a non human entity.

I like to think my baby is part human tho. Or I’m part cat.

Yeah. I talk to my dog. I ask him what’s up or what he is thinking about a lot. He never responds but I like to think he knows I care about him

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I am known to my cat as “mine”

He used to always go for my food And I would say “mine!!!” So now I refer to myself as “mine”

I say “mine, Genos”. Meaning I’m going to genos house (my parents cat is geno).

I like to think he understands a bit.

Other times he’s like wtf r u saying.

Dogs seem to me smarter than cats with language typically.

Don Juan is an exception though in a lot of ways. He’s a hybrid creature.

Part bird, part cat, part dog, part human. He fetches like a dog, makes bird noises and thinks he’s human like me.


Don Juan. What’s that

That’s my cats name sorry lol

Oh haha! On a site of sz you never know what things could be!

I talk to our cat Early too. He is a fat orange cat who likes to relax

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I had imaginary friends I talked to almost compulsively until I started taking APs. I had cats that understood lots of words. Now I have a dog and he understands quite a lot of words. But if I talk to him I just assume he gets the sentiment based on my tone and inflections.


Let me tell ya, you could do a lot worse than Don Juan. He sounds pretty cool.

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it’s kind of like Tom Hanks in Castaway that starts talking to his volleyball with a face painted on it…I talk to my dogs, so does my gf…they love it when you talk to them…


I repeat the phrases to Don Juan a lot

“You’re a good boy”
“You’re silly”

Yeah, sure I think it’s ok to talk to your cat. :grinning:

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I also talk to my cat Now that I am leaving my boyfriend’s house and I have to leave him I cry every time I see him

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