Can anyone understand?

I fancied a fellow volunteer at Christmas dinner I liked him
Then I saw him come to work this morning he was coming as I was going and I didn’t smile, I didn’t say hello or goodbye and avoided even looking at him

Ordinary shyness?

I do stuff like that.

I hate it… but I do that too sometimes…

When I get up the courage… I’ll say hi later.

It’s not too late, you can say Hi to him, the next time you see him.

It’s no big deal.


Wave is right, say “hi” the next time you see him. What’s the worst that could happen if you just smile and say “hi”? I love it when people like me! And I love it when people say “hi” to me. He would probably love it too.

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Yes, I would have done that too. I met my husband online. We emailed for months and spoke on the phone a few times before meeting in person, so I felt like I already knew him. Meeting someone just out there “cold” would be too hard for me. I hope you see him again, though, and that you smile and say hello, and that he does too. Good luck!

Did he fall off your personal pedastal?
Is he still worth pursuing?