Can anyone tell me their experience on haldol SHOT

I’m already on haldol 10 mgs and was wondering if anyone has taken it in the form of a shot? What was ur experience with it? Did it help you lose weight also? I was told it would. But I wanna know how it effected someone who took it. And also how does it work?

They gave me haldol shots while I was in the hospital and it did absolutely nothing, just a slight sedating effect. It didn’t do anything for my symptoms at all.

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I was on the Haldol timed released shot for about six or seven years. Those years were the worst years of my life, but that was because I’m very sensitive to Haldol. I laid in bed 15 - 20 hours a day while I was on it. During the later years I started taking 40 minithins(ephedrine pills) a day and drinking ten cups of coffee a day with the Haldol, and I didn’t feel so bad then. They kept lowering my dose, and I started doing a moderate workout on top the ephedrine and caffeine, and I got out of control. I had to go back to the hospital, and they were going to put me on 40 mg a day of Haldol, which would have been absolute hell for me, but they put me on Zyprexa instead. I was totally demoralized most of the time I was on Haldol. I gained about twenty pounds on it. If you’re on 10 mg a day and not feeling bad, then you’re probably not as sensitive to it as I was. I’m amazed that this drug has little effect on some people.

Thanks. Wow I can’t believe that it must have been hell. I don’t feel much from the haldol but my doctor recommended it to me because I can’t seem to remember to take my meds and half the time don’t really want to. But I was worried about effects like the ones you stated. Did you ever take regular like just a pill of haldol and did it give you the same effect?

Yes, I have taken it in pill form - a much heavier dose. When they had me on the shot I averaged about 3 mg a day. When they had me on the pill I took 40 mg a day. I never felt so bad in my life.

Omg I didn’t even know it went that high! Wow. I don’t blame you.

I had a good response to Haldol. At one point, I was up to 80 mg a day in pill form. That’s 20 mg 4 times a day. It works well. It’s been my go-to rescue med for years. Nothing pulls me out of psychosis like Haldol can. It works in about 2 hours. Excellent medication. I’ve never been on the long-acting injectable formulation, but I doubt there’s much difference. Nobody uses Haldol in huge doses like that any more. Nowadays it’s rare to find someone over 20 mg. It’s been around since the 60s, and is one of the most bench-marked medications in the world because it works, and works well. Don’t sweat what crimby had to say. Some people do well on it, and some don’t. Crimby seems to be on a crusade against it, because it’s difficult for him to go more than 3 posts without knocking it.

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Lol oh ok. Yeah definitely made me not wanna try it. I’m already on haldol but I didn’t know if the shot version would be way different and more intense or something. And what if they give it to you and you have a bad reaction? Are you stuck with it in ur system for like the next month or something??? And can’t believe you were on that much, wow!

They usually prescribe the tablets first, to see if you do well on the med and then go to the injectables. So you’ll probably do well if you’re doing well on the tablets now.

I was on haldol at the hospital and it’s a very effective med.

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Thanks minnii. Yeah I’ve been on it for a little now and am responding alright to it. I just got out of the hospital and am taking my meds now and it’s working for me. But my psychiatrist still wants me on the injection.

I’m on Invega Sustenna and I prefer the injection. Less trouble, and I’m very forgetful, so it keeps me from forgeting to take the meds. I’m on it every 5 weeks now, to lessen the side effects, it’s a good med, at least for me.

That’s good. I think I’ll give the injection a shot. no pun intended. Lol


Ahaha! Greatest pun of the day

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Frequently doctors will prescribe Cogentin (benztropine) to help neutralize the side effects. As far as being more potent, most people report the shot is less intense than the pill form. Like @Minnii said, usually they stabilize a person on pill form first.

Lmao…yeah they prescribed me that too. Which I actually stopped taking right when I got out of the hospital. it upset my stomach

True. I hate that drug, and I thought it was extremely unpleasant for most people. I wouldn’t want to inflict Haldol upon them in any except the most dire circumstances. I’m stupified that you can tolerate 80 mg a day. Of course different med’s affect people differently. If some people take 50 mg of Trazodone they go into a deep sleep for twenty hours. I took 4,500 and it did nothing to me.

I’ve been taking Haldol for 4 years. I like it a lot. It brought me out of psychosis when I was hospitalized and I’ve dropped 30 pounds over the 4 years.

Also it’s cheaper than the newer drugs and in my experience just as good.

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