Can anyone else talk with the dead?

I had a 30 min conversation with a footballer who killed himself 10 years ago

Saw a memorial article about him, and it triggered off a conversation in my head

Know that probably I shouldn’t believe it’s real, but why not?


The feeling of their presence is very strong. I am not sure I can resist indulging in this, as it feels so real.

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I’ve had conversations with dead people (including dead famous people) too. No one knows if this is real, but I know what my pdoc would think. But you are right it’s unhealthy to indulge in it. Just move on to the things you have to do,


Oh god no lol. Sounds a bit like “vicky” when im off the meds.

Whatever floats your boat mate, so long as its not distressing.

they are out there, but kind on this side of reality its safer

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I was shocked when my doc asked do I see dead people.
Phew till now not, but some presents I do feel.
I better don’t talk about it.
What I sow it will reap.
Best to keep such seeds aside.

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There are amazing things that are possible. But as a person with sz, no one will believe you.
I don’t know if it’s true.

I had strong hallucinations like talking to spirits and see them in my dreams. But I am sitting on the surfboard and waiting for the next wave at the present time.


I talk with Stalin.
He’s dead, but not exactly dead.

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I was a suicide risk because I thought maybe I’d have life after death. I’ve thought about the afterlife so much and it was psychosis inducing. Just last night I figured it out. Adam lived to be more than 900 years old and he died. I would not tell my mom there’s no life after death since she’s going to die soon. I’m 51 years old and I want to accomplish some things. But you never know I might die sometime soon from some disease. I would like to go to heaven and enjoy life for once.

Use to be obsessed with ouija boards if that counts

Unusual belief, it could be a thing.

The “dead” have simply escaped the simulation, sometimes they peek back inside though.

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