I am dead: Prove me wrong

Just in case you’re wondering I don’t suffer from Cotard’s delusion.

How are you dead? I hage that feeling

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It’s more than a feeling, although feeling dead isn’t pleasant either.

Is it a belief,?

More of a presupposition.

One time I thought I was dead and in purgatory. I wish I could office advice or prove yoh wrong but I struggle with this one myself.


Did you ever here t he (parable?) involving the patient who thought he was dead?

The therapist goes through a rigermerole(I butchered that spelling) and eventually the patient says “Dead people don’t bleed”.

To which the therapist then pricks him on the finger which causes bleeding.

To which the patient then says: “I guess dead people do bleed!!”

(A therapist told me this a long time ago when I was prodromal)


Well, I’m dead too


well said, patient.

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Can there be more than one dead person? Imagine we’re to extend solipism to the realm of the dead. We both tend to believe anyway that to exist is to exist alone.

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I feel kind of dead as well. But alas, I live.

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Yeah, if you’re dead, everything is dead.
You are the Sole Existence

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Not sure if this resonates, but I think I feel more alive; I read that uncertainty can do this.

Plus I have a baseline excitement bc I think my past might catch up with me.

I can’t prove you wrong but if you are dead I beg of you to spend your time as a weightless light orb exploring the beauty of the universe and not stuck here in the black and white of which anybody can do.


I think when you dead you unite with something and never feel seperated (alone) again.


The voices say iam dead and when I really die iam gonna get tortured for ever all the pain that they ever tortured people with all at the same time and supposed to be punished worse than any one else for smoking ciggs


My brain pulls crap like this only consciously which could worse.

But I’m so fed up with mental anguish that I’m starting to wonder if physical pain is around the corner.

On a believe it or not healthier note I feel like the character arc of the guy in “Metamorphosis” at times where he can’t afford beer for his friends and then later turns into a bug.

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If you were dead, you’d have rigor mortis and you wouldn’t be able to move. You wouldn’t be able to type out your post. As long as you keep posting, you’re a live one.


I can’t answer for my corpse.

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but you are using it.