Can a sz date a sz?

Or are there always troubles?

My ex wife was also schizophrenic and we did well when we were both well, but in the beginning we were both delusional and it cost us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars…which is what eventually broke us up. that and her family blamed me for the bancruptcy. we were good together when we were sane though.


There are always troubles, even for normies. People aren’t perfect so no marriages are perfect.


Both good answers.

I think if you find love, go for it. But as far as looking I’ve noticed everyone on here who was married to another sz has the prefix ‘ex’ in front of wife or husband. We don’t get a lot of married caregivers on here though so I really don’t have anything to put it in perspective.

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I don’t have anything in mind. I was just curious :slight_smile:

Is your name from Swan Lake?

It’s from a 60’s movie called Eye of The Devil.

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When I was married, my ex wife had Borderline and I have Schizoaffective.

I was very Delusional and not doing so well, and she was pretty ill herself for years.

It is very hard on the marriage when both partners are symptomatic, the marriage can fail when this happens - we ended up divorcing.

It’s easier when at least one partner is stable, mentally ill or not.

Two people with schizophrenia can remain married as far as I’m concerned, but I sense that it would not be easy.

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I don’t know. Sz or non sz my hope would be to find the right one.


As long as she has a cute face, little waist, with a big behind, aint nothin can go wrong :wink:


Im thinking that you are a “progressive” chick ?
let me ask YOU something WHAT is your retirement plan?

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My experience w/ MI people in close relationships has been very bad. They seem much more needier than regular people. Like they can’t understand that you have a life and have other things to do than to talk w/ them all day.

Generally I think it’s better if a MI person can find a “normal” person so at least one person is semi-“stable” and has a firm grasp on reality.

No answer? No surprise…

I think yes,there is a chance both people can help each other if they don’t have symptoms because they understand what’s going on if one is having symptoms,finding someone without SZ could help a lot too,but he/she must truly love you

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I think it will be more compatible to what you suffer from.

I wouldn’t do it , :slight_smile:

I think you’ve described me.

I need a dime that’s top a the line

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id rather date a woman with back round stuff in common