Caffeine linked to psychosis

They’ve linked psychotic symptoms to high caffeine intake
High caffeine use linked to psychotic symptoms - ABC News.

They’ve also found it can cause auditory hallucinations

Technically, caffeine is a psychoactive drug.



Who Owns The Site 'medicalnewstoday"?.

I Ask Because It Looks As Though You Fell For Some Chart Digging Propaganda. . .

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P.s. Jus Because It Says “news” In The Web Address Doesn’t Make It Trustworthy. . . . . . .

I’ve also looked it up on PubMed, it’s not propaganda. There’s several links to psychosis

Probably just because it keeps you awake = sleep deprivation

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It’s classified as a psychoactive and can induce psychosis.


A Quick Search Led To Red Ventures.

What companies does Red Ventures own?

’Red Ventures is an American media company and is the owner of Lonely Planet, CNET, ZDNet, TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot, The Points Guy, and Chowhound since October 30, 2020; as well as Healthline Media since 2019 and Bankrate since 2017’ (From Google)

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I am guessing you completely disregarded the Pubmed links I posted in response to your first statement, the article is accurate.


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You Speak Truth.

And It’s Legal.

I Ask.

Should Countries Ban Caffeine…, For The Health Of It’s Population (???).

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Correlation is not causation as any beginning scientist would say.

The study doesn’t just indicate correlation. As a direct cause of ingesting caffeine the white noise interpretation was increased.

Did anyone read the study?

My psychiatrist won’t let me have full caffeine coffee.

I read the article now and see that it is an experiment.

Still not giving up my coffee.

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That Seems Sad…, Why Won’t Her/Him Allow You “full” Caffeine?.

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Do you hear voices? If so this could be a contributory factor.

It is a free world, do what you want. :slight_smile:

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To stop me getting hyped up, and thus less easy to manage.

I hear voices but even when I was in the psych ward we were allowed caffeinated coffee in the morning. I guess they don’t believe the above research here. The problem is I’m addicted to coffee. Would be very hard to quit.

Here’s a more direct study - “Our patient benefited from amisulprid treatment. Chelben et al. reported that three patients (one with personality disorder, one with bipolar disorder and one with schizophrenia) were hospitalized with psychomotor agitation, hypervigilance, verbal and physical agression, impulsive behavior symptoms following consumption of energy drink containing amino acids and treated”

“Our case was thought to be worth presenting, because consumption of energy drinks has also increased in our country and an amisulpride-responsive psychotic picture was found in our patient following intensive consumption of energy drink, though he had no history of any psychiatric complaint and we wished to draw attention to the risks of energy drinks”

There are other factors to consider in energy drinks as well though such as taurine.


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What Does “hyped” Mean (???).

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