Coffee, caffeine and hallucinations

I post something on that and would of been around the same time 2009 the article that is not when I posted. @mortimermouse posted something from 1980ish that disputed caffeine had an no effect while on AP’s with it. So I’m just confused with it all. Thankfully I’m learning to enjoy instant so can have more anyway. Although everything in moderation as they say.

I’ve consumed a lot of caffeine for a long time. By now I think the effect is mostly psychological.

I think that coffee may help a person to remember better and so on, but too much coffee may cause insomnia which then affects a person’s mind causing hallucinations. Too much is too much.

The more detailed articles about caffeine showed that neurotypicals (normies) did have a slighter tendency to hallucinate just a little bit on caffeine, nothing like our florid bouquets of psychosis. Old school typical APs are hardly effected by caffeine, studies have shown, in terms of symptomatology. For example, ten cups of coffee on Thorazine might make you awake but only like 2% increase in symptoms or some sh1t. I recall up to 5% variance in symptoms due to the manipulation of caffeine. That was one of many articles I have read two years ago so it’s whatever.

Caffeine is generally safe if you are on a solid therapeutic dose of an antipsychotic BUT you also need to be responding to that antipsychotic. For example, six shots of espresso on geodon doesn’t ruin my day or night. On latuda, which simply didn’t work for my symptoms, it would be a catastrophy.

Mouse left his nicotine patch on because he was very sleepy and woke up at 130am with it still on and can’t sleep it’s 415am and he drank two beers trying to sedate himself.

Mouse can keep his ■■■■ together despite three hours of nightmares. Mouse likes going to the gym. Mouse is looking forward to turning in a paper and going to the gym. Mouse does insane workouts that make the normal people go wtf. Mouse runs too, he quit smoking three months ago. He can run pretty well for being a meat head.

I found that excessive caffeine – like four or five cans of soda a day, or a whole pot of coffee – combined with anxiety / stress / heavy depression resulted in a near-psychotic episode and insomnia, every time it happened. Louder voices, angrier voices, sometimes visual hallucinations as well, paranoia, anger / irritability, emotional instability, delusions. The whole shebang all at once. Excessive sugar has a similar but not as intense effect.

So now I keep my caffeine intake low, and I try to avoid drinking it at all when I’m feeling “wired” or “out of it”. I drink a lot of ice water and in the summer that’s much more refreshing anyways. I take off the pop tabs on the soda cans and keep them in my pocket so I know how many I’ve had, or I get a glass and tell myself I can only refill the glass once.

It’s not a foolproof system but it works for the most part. The really difficult part for me is when I stay up to play video games or watch a movie or something and I’m craving soda but I know if I drink any it will make me less likely to fall asleep…

Yes; though if I recall correctly (and I may not, but I’m pretty sure on this) that even with typical anti-Ps, caffeine intake was associated the medication’s ***IN***ability to prevent or even reduce anxiety attacks and paranoid ideation.

It stands to reason, of course: the meds may occupy Da receptors, but they never occupy all of them (you wouldn’t want them to, the pt would be catatonic). So caffeine will set off the reward system, and extra Da will smack into the remaining receptors.

Caffeine also effects the function of the insula, the “feeler of sensory perception.” It “feels” the body shaking from caffeine, smacks the amygdala, and can set up a sub-cognitive interpretation of threat when there isn’t any.