Caffeine linked to psychosis


Do You Think Coffee Draws Out A More Active Approach Within Insensitivity To Blank Voids?.

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The lack of coffee literally keeps me passive and more easy to monitor and manage.


Perhaps Go, , ,

Neutral Milk Hotel Instead (By) ‘Counting Every Beautiful Thing You See’. . .

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I think it’s less about laws and more about getting the population to understand that they are ok without these substances to feel “better”.


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Speak English. And I Don’t Mean English As In The Language. More So Downtempo.

Facts That Can Be Understood By Even Children.

Instead Of Hyping Up The WANTED With Words Miles Long.

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I quit caffeinated drinks. That was better for me.

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I think the amount of caffeine is a key factor here.

Some people can tolerate a lot of coffeine, while others are sensitive and can get negative reactions from just one caffeinated drink.

Personally I am sensitive, so one drink a day is enough for me. More than that and my mind goes a little bit crazy. Some days I just skip caffeine as well.

It’s definitly worth checking out for people though if it affects the psyche negatively or not, especially for us with mental problems. I used to drink a lot of coffee out of habit and never thought twice about it. When i started thinking about it and worked out my threshhold my life got a lot better and more managable.

I am weary of all drugs, whether legal or not, even medicinal. So if I can avoid them, I try my best. I’m really upset that I had to give up alcohol BUT it is for the long term best.

I happen to have been fortunate enough to be put on the RIGHT antipsychotic for me with the best pharmacological properties. That’s another drug but this this I have to take it since it is compulsory.


Can I get an AMEN?
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I always thought one of the biggest reasons I got schizophrenia was from drinking 2 liters of Diet Coke or Pepsi for about 10 years.


I am guessing you completely disregarded the Pubmed links I posted in response to your first statement, the article is accurate.

All the top studies are either single case studies or very low sample size. Link some specific good studies, then we can debate

Next you will be demanding that he carries out the studies himself on the whole global population before you can ‘believe’ it. :smiley:

Yes ofcourse 15151515

I can’t even now with this medicalnewstoday. Where’s my kickstart without a refreshing caffeine beverage?

I did the same and feel much better also.

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They’re multiple single case studies and the top article is a study of 92 people.

"The 92 individuals were subjected to either a low or high stress condition, and a low or high caffeine condition. They had to listen to white noise and report whenever they heard the song “White Christmas”, by Bing Crosby during the white noise. White noise is a background sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing – humans hear it as a constant fuzzy sound.

The White Christmas song was never played.

Those subjected to either high stress or high caffeine levels were more likely to self-report hearing the song, the researchers found."

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Caffeine … I drink too much… 8 low carb monsters a day. I’m totally delusional about stuff. Wish I could quit it.

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You can, you’ll maybe just have a headache and feel bad for around 2 weeks.

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Interesting, i have always been an avid caffeine drinker that probably had something to do, i dont plan on quitting tbh.