Caffeine and Xanax speedball?!

Is this retarded or is this safe? One of my friends who does drugs recreationally who also has narcolepsy and takes meds for it and hangs out with people who have been to rehab says my morning Xanax with coffee is a speedball.

I would think they are the opposite of eachother. Xanax is a downer, right?

Heroin is nothing like Xanax and caffeine is nothing like cocaine.
By this time mouse I’m sure you are well acclimated to your meds and unless it affects you adversely I wouldn’t fret it. Prolly more of a joke than anything.
What mg of Xanax are you taking in the morn?

I shot the real thing, I didn’t feel it. I shared a needle with two heroin addicts, this was before there were any drugs for people who were HIV positive. But animalchin is right. Those drugs are different than heroin and cocaine. You can call anything whatever you want. You can compare drugs and call them anything you feel like. The name for shooting heroin and cocaine is a speedball, if they want to call Xanax and caffeine a speedball, well that’s their prerogative. It makes sense to COMPARE all the drugs to each other, they are two downers and two forms of speed but I don’t know if the official name of Xanax and caffeine is a speedball or if it is just those guys in that particular rehab who call it that.

Yeah, I can see a loose comparison but like you nick I’ve taken copious amounts of both in my youth, though not IV and NOT proud, it is apples to oranges.
Now Xanax is considered a narc and will build tolerance quickly and provide a nightmare of withdrawal if not weaned off carefully. Hence my questioning of the dosage. Be careful with that stuff. (I’m sure I’m speaking to the choir here but … you know.)

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Careful with Xanax, Ativan, and Valium. All addictive. If you are taking any of these, do not go cold turkey, it can be dangerous.

No different in terms of how it ultimately reaches the neurology of motivation than booze and Rock Star.

You drink rockstar?

1mg Xanax three times a day @animalchin

That seems to be a fairly high dose for your age and all. As you know, I AM NO DR lol. I imagine they started you out at .25 or .5. I’d be afraid to go up anymore. Hell, you may not even need that morning dose if you cut out the caffeine?
Careful of the booze brother. I had a friend almost drown in shallow water off 2mg and a good beer buzz.

I have to agree. That’s a lot of alprazolam. (I’d be comatose.)

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I don’t even go down the energy drink store aisles. (Bipolar recovering addicts do not put themselves at risk.) (If they want to continue to be “recovering.”)

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Xanax is prescribed for anxiety and I don’t see why you need caffeine with it caffeine can be fatal in high amounts and so can Xanax. It could give you a heart attack. I don’t like narcotics I was just prescribed Ativan but that’s probably even worse…