How did she know?

A cousin on my mom’s side is asking a lot of questions about my meds and illnesses. Some how she found out I’m on Ativan and I’m glad she lives about an hour away . But she was asking if i would sell her the whole bottle 90 of them for 100 dollars i told her no


Ativan can be sold illegally and if taken in high doses has a similar effect to Xanax. It’s a good thing you told her no. I wouldn’t discuss meds with her any further. It sounds like she has ill intent.


Wait wha Xanax and Ativan are the exact same type of med, both benzos why does a lot of Ativan equal Xanax.

Everyone always had such scary things to say about benzos I was paranoid about taking them but they don’t make me feel high or anything they make me feel normal. So instead of feeling terrible anxiety I just feel neutral. It made me wonder if someone without anxiety would feel anything at all from them but I guess they do.

I feel the same way with opiates. I was on really high doses of oxycontin for years and barely got any relief from them, let alone any desirable side effects. I’m kind of jealous if those that feel good after taking them. Lol

Thing is I’ve never discussed with her the meds I’m on. I’m thinking my brother told her after he looked through my bag and stole my haldol pills a few years ago

my old co-works shocked me with some of their personal stories along this line.

  1. co-worker remarried exhusband and moved into new apartment together. Old tennants who moved out left a stray pill of who-knows- what laying on a window sill. husband took mystery pill.

  2. grandmother took some of her granddaughters much needed liquid pain medicine out of bottle and tried to replace with water ruining all the pain medicine.

i have noticed all the mental health centers hear are kinda tucked away out of view. a great amount of privacy is afforded. There are all kinds of reasons people might not want others to know we visit them. I guess others hassling people for medicine is just another reason.

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