Benzodiazepine double edged sword

I see it now. For a decade I was on klonopin and had no issues whatsoever with this med. no tolerance, no addiction, no increased dose, it worked great and no withdrawals. I had only really heard about the dangers of benzodiazepines. I still believed it but couldn’t fully comprehend

That was until

My pdoc recommended Ativan better in conjunction with abilify.

Been on Ativan a few months now. My anxiety gets worse and worse. Im hooked. I can’t sleep without it. I need to take an extra pill or more to even feel normal again. Sheesh this stuff is dangerous if you aren’t careful! And I was careful until lately I’ve been feeling like death at times. Until I pop another Ativan I feel better for a few hours and that’s if I’m lucky.

I dialed my pdoc this morning. She’s gonna make room for me soon but this is straight misery.

Still have never felt “high” on benzos. But sheesh this ■■■■ is dangerous.

Does anyone know about taking klonopin to counteract Ativan withdrawals??? Or will I have to wean off it now too to avoid seizures, death risk and irritability and insomnia

I’m not a doctor but I believe that’s how they get people off ativan sometimes.

Klonopin has a much longer half life.

The short half life of ativan is what’s getting you.

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And it’s weakness I believe

I was on .5 of klonopin and I took like .25 every morning. And .25 additional as a prn. And it worked much better than two 1mg pills of Ativan each day . Thanks bud… good to know it won’t be so bad in my case.

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@everhopeful my anxiety went from
A 9 to a 7.5 with your post.

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