Cafetiere coffee


Drinking coffee for a cafetiere makes me feel slightly spaced out. I only have a couple of mugs every now and then. I wonder what the effect would be if I had it more frequently. The flavoured nescafe sachets have no effect.


I’ve drank ten cups of coffee a day for over forty years. After a while I developed a tolerance for caffeine. It quit having an effect on me. I think my addiction now is purely psychological.


Currently I feel like I felt when on olanzapine - the usually busy mind(war zone in my head) is quiet.


Whenever I drink dunkin donuts coffee it makes me feel like that, or mcdonalds.


I try to cut down… but I love coffee.

Too much coffee has a very weird effect on me. It makes my brain tingle and I get silly.


How much coffee do you use per mug? I read somewhere that 4 dessert spoons(40g) is required for a 6 demitasse/2 mug cafetiere but I only use 2 dessert spoons, which is enough for me.
With instant coffee I use 1/2 a teaspoon as using a full teaspoon can make me feel nauseous.